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for Harriet Potter-The Continuation

1/28/2014 c12 Tachibana Natsu
Yay! New chapter!
1/28/2014 c12 GingerGeekGal1796
Great chapter!
1/28/2014 c12 2Julie-Andley-00
Great chapter! Hope to read more of this soon
1/28/2014 c12 4crazy1person2you3been4warned
I like this story
1/28/2014 c12 Rea558750
Can't wait XD
1/28/2014 c1 3SakuraKoi
1/27/2014 c11 11Tachibana Natsu
Update soon! :D
1/25/2014 c11 Guest
Can we not have a fem Harry story without a Weasley twin as a love interest?
1/24/2014 c11 FatalStarshine
Looooooved James' father moment of ranting.
It was very cute and sweet.
SHOOOOCK about Bellatrix.
Wasn't expecting that despite the hints lol!
Same storm hit us, hope everything is okay!
1/22/2014 c11 the equestrian potterhead
I knew you weren't going to kill Harriet! Only horrible, heartless authors like Veronica Roth and Kenneth Opal do that, not you. The scene with Harri's parents was really sweet, but it seemed a bit rushed to me. Other than that and a few minor punctuation mistakes, this chapter was excellent. I'm not sure if I like the whole magical core thing (probably because I'm a purist and that didn't happen to Harry in the book), but it's your story. You do what you want with it. I also find it hard to imagine a good Bellatrix, but it'll be interesting to see how her character develops over the course of the story.
You have a snow day, too? I haven't had any school at all this week because of Martin Luther King day and the snow. It's all good, though. More time to write!
1/22/2014 c11 ILoveGeorgeEads
I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved was great.
1/21/2014 c11 GingerGeekGal1796
Awesome! Love that Bella was her cat!
1/21/2014 c11 meandmysloth
I love it. LOVE! I love how Bellatrix is her cat. That's amazing! Awesome. And there's no way I'm going to even try to guess what happens in book six. Just please don't kill Harri. Please?
1/21/2014 c11 4angel2u
Voldemort coming back has something to do with Alya. I'm not yet sure what. But it has something to do with her.
1/21/2014 c11 Inactive Account 8-8-15
... You killed me
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