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for Harriet Potter-The Continuation

2/12/2014 c14 Bitchpudding
Aww Cliffy!
2/12/2014 c14 ILoveGeorgeEads
I loved loved loved loved was great.
2/12/2014 c14 FatalStarshine
I loooove her interacting with her parents, tis cute x33
Im curious to see how long she is going to be trapped in the past.
Or if she ends up staying there xD
Cant wait for the next chapter :D
2/11/2014 c14 Duskanike5
YES! I loved this chapter SOOOO much! Way to capture the characters perfectly! Ugh not looking forward to seeing he who shall not be named(the 4th marauder, I don't say his name, that disgusting traitor). I laughed out loud when I read the water-proof hair gel part! You and your cliff hangers though, ugh!Keep the awesome work up!
2/11/2014 c14 2LadyRainDancer
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh seriously? you are sooooo mean! :( blah
cant wait to read more, even if you do evil things like this.
2/11/2014 c14 AnonymousStalkerFriend
Loved it
2/11/2014 c14 Monster63
Holy schnikies! So in the paradox do Harriet and George happen to become parents of a big character in the tri wizard tournament? Great chapter! Loved it!
2/11/2014 c14 2Julie-Andley-00
Great chapter! Love to read your story
2/11/2014 c14 1Fire Shadow Dragon
I did not see the time travel coming. It is turning out to be very interesting.
2/11/2014 c14 Rea558750
Evil cliffhanger... Can't wait for more
2/11/2014 c14 GingerGeekGal1796
Really great!
2/11/2014 c14 espoir1066
2/9/2014 c13 2LadyRainDancer
wow that a/n made my brain feel broken... but talking in past/present/future tense all at once is the bane of time traveling and always makes my head hurt (but I love it anyway) XD plus it's like three am XD also, canon harry was kind of a wuss, he only stood up to those (or for things) he was explicitly told to do so for. dumbledore says fight voldy and his death eaters, he does, dumbledore says tell people about voldy's return, he does and defends it, i dunno maybe its just me... anyways! hope you update soon, cuz i cant wait to read more!
2/9/2014 c13 BamaRose19
oh wow so did not see that coming!
2/9/2014 c13 Duskanike5
AHHH uhfdxafgvcsgbcxsswwtikxxf
I cant wait until the next chapter!
Awesome chapter! Way to keep the story fresh!
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