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5/22/2015 c8 9LuckyStarPham
Hello. Not sure if I've ever left a review here (because back then I left reviews for this story in a fansite for McRoll, but that fansite is gone now). Just wanna pop in and let you know that this is one of my top favorite McRoll fics. I printed it out & read it every so often & my heart still clenches at some parts, just like the first time I read it - no matter how many times I've read it. You wrote it so perfectly, beautifully and flawlessly. I wish you could have time to write another masterpiece like this. And yes, to me, it's one of the masterpieces in McRoll fictions because it affects me emotionally immensely. Thanks for writing it!
10/9/2014 c1 Suzdewey1978
Can't remember if I've reviewed before but having reread this story I wanted to say what a joy it is to read. It flows beautifully and the development of plot and characters it just brilliant. The love and devotion between Steve and Cath was almost tangible and the way the differing emotions played out through the story was so engaging I couldn't put it down... Would love a sequel?
6/21/2014 c8 SnowyRosie
Beautiful end up. It's interesting to see a different past from Catherine's life.
3/20/2014 c2 Guest
No way Catherine is old enough to have a twenty year old daughter!
1/22/2014 c8 314sammy1026
I really, really liked this story, Cat. Great job!

There are so many really sweet moments it's impossible to pick a favorite but the "I love you" moment is definitely up there.

I like how you handled the whole issue of Kelsey's parentage without tipping over into melodrama. Really well done.

Also loved Danny. "Okay, time out, Rambo," he said. "You're gonna get us kicked out of here." He looked at Kelsey and pointed. "And you, troublemaker, go sit down and stop poking the irritated tiger."
1/2/2014 c8 14Jedi Knight Ryan
Now that we cute, nice little McRoll chapter to lighten the seriousness of the story so far. Please update soon!
1/1/2014 c8 izzalima
Oohh my!beautiful!the cute and best couple ever.i love this fic,was perfect!
1/1/2014 c8 6lanteaddicted
very very cute ending.
1/1/2014 c8 5NYR88
Very sweet ending. Great that he fully admitted to her how he loves her and has for a long time. Even though she already knew how he felt Steve is right she deserved to hear him say the words out loud. Great job with the whole story.
1/1/2014 c8 1RhiaReed
Can't wait for the one-shots! I really loved this story! I put on an alert on you to make shure I don't miss them! Thank you!
1/1/2014 c8 Guest
Great work! I really liked it :)
1/1/2014 c8 Guest
Beautiful, just..Beautiful
12/31/2013 c8 Guest
Absolutely love your story!
12/31/2013 c8 12FicreaderT
What a great story! I have immensely enjoyed this story - not only because I'm a huge Steve/Cath fan but because I think you have a great wonderful feel for the characters and tell a heck of a story. I would very much like to read more from you, anything more - especially continuations from this story. I think you could do a lot with Steve's relationship with Catherine's family and how they see their relationship. Because he loves Catherine (and he's a pretty great guy) her family should love him - but he might have to work at that a bit. I look forward to your next story!
12/31/2013 c8 14katydid13
Excellent ending! I'd like to see anything else you do in this universe.
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