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for Do You Know What He Did?

10/22 c2 Alexa Summers
My heart hurts.
Lex ;-; (I'm in the middle of of a good cry right now)
9/15 c2 Guest
... I'm here, that was hilarious, when Ginny hit, Harry, and then hugged him. Poor Harry must have been so confused, I like the sentence when Charlie comes over to the orchard it was funny when George made a stunning realization.
9/15 c1 Guest
This was a good chapter, I'm gonna read what happens next, one second...
7/10/2019 c1 Stranger
Poor bill just wanted to nap
6/19/2019 c2 1HPandPJO4ever
This is really good!
11/21/2015 c2 2JeanAndBilius
Excellent too.
11/10/2014 c2 J. R. Lewis
You should follow this up with with what happens to poor Charlie when Ginny get on him about that last comment. :D

Good story. Another chapter? Possibly?
10/31/2014 c2 38LiveAndLetRain
That list of the dead...heartbreaking. And Harry isn't even 18 yet! Sometimes, the fact that life isn't fair? It really sucks.
Oh. Ginny's calm. Harry, you should run now. As far and fast as you can. And bring chocolate and flowers when you come back.
Yeah, Charlie may not be the tallest, but wrestling dragons...you can't be a wimp with that job. (You do need to be a special sort of crazy though. Similar to fighter pilots, I think working with dragons would be remarkably similar to going into fire-fights sitting on tanks of jet fuel.)
Ginny is the scariest. She was co-leader of a resistance movement for an entire school year. (And keep in mind how small she is!)
*sigh* really Charlie? You're gonna start that?
10/31/2014 c1 LiveAndLetRain
I like Charlie. But I really want to sock him in the face right now.
(Also, I love that this is Bill's point of view. He's probably my favorite of the older Weasley boys.)
Thank you Ron.
Oh. Oops. Now Ginny knows. She ain't gonna be happy! (And, as a red-headed female myself, let me say that you never want to make us mad! Little things like reason go out the window when that happens.)
Which is why pointing out to Ginny how pathetic it would be for Harry to have survived thus far only for her to kill him would be a really bad idea.
Poor Bill! Hopefully he will eventually get that nap.
8/19/2014 c2 9Dream Bound Nightmare
Oh that is gold! Pure gold!
12/26/2013 c2 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
cute, kinda funny
12/18/2013 c2 Guest
The last part of this story was a bit funny but has for the well...I hate to type this but it didn't feel right...I don't know what's miss or wrong about it because I find it hard to put down anything in words !

Any way if this is your first time putting down a story than you are vere brave to do so !

The Crimson Mage who hope you have a nice X-Mas and a Happy New Year !

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