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3/17 c14 blacksoul
such a good plot I'm totally hooked on this story
12/31/2020 c35 hi
omg I love this story I don't think I can ever go back and watch once upon a time without wondering where Lilly is :)
2/1/2020 c35 20Brookie Twiling
Loved reading this. I love the evolution, and how you took advantage of the time-skips. Really enjoyed reading!
10/23/2018 c23 KylieoF5
This is really fun to read!
7/19/2016 c35 AlaskaKane
I have been hooked on this story for freakin daaaays! I neeeeeeeed more chapter for my survival! please update! i love the story! Thanks and bye!
5/25/2016 c1 13YoCupcake
this story is amazing! i loved 'say you will remember' and was dying to read what happened before those events. Thank you for these amazing stories :)
2/22/2016 c35 1Katie00980
But what about Bae? I feel so bad for him because now she has left him too even if he didn't know it wasn't necessary voluntary. :(
2/19/2016 c35 Trelevona
I love this prequel, the way you've written it made sure it isn't just obsolete fluff. It's a bit heart wrenching at the end (even when you already know what will happen!) and is written quite nicely. :)
2/13/2016 c35 thalialuke
1/19/2016 c8 Guest
THAT ASSHOLE! LOL WHAT THE FUCK!? :D That was bloody brilliant!
1/10/2016 c35 9Love.Fiction.2021
Wow! Amazing story
1/10/2016 c32 Love.Fiction.2021
Great chapter
1/10/2016 c16 Love.Fiction.2021
Loving it
1/10/2016 c5 Love.Fiction.2021
1/10/2016 c2 Love.Fiction.2021
This is quite good.
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