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1/6/2019 c30 allie300093
I loved this story! Reading from Blue's POV was definitely unique, but it was very different from Red's POV in the other story. This story went all over the place, but I really like how you ended it. I thought it was a little abrupt, but it was still cool to see Red and Blue end up where they do. And there are still things that need to be done, but they won't make the same mistakes again. Awesome story! :)
1/4/2019 c30 99The Light's Refrain
Great way to wrap things up :). Just as Red has matured and learned he's a small part of a bigger world, so has Blue. I especially like the end where his Gym seat is described as a champion's throne, showing he had once again found a place to be proud of while he awaits Red. It's nice to mention Mewtwo as well - he didn't quite fit into the story, aside from details in the experiments, but he still had his role as a background character and motivator.

And your next prompt is...oh wait, we're done XD. We finally did it! One more project off both our Lists of Doom :P Thus has been so much fun, and I look forward to more madness with the CO series XP

12/31/2018 c29 The Light's Refrain
Oh right, it's already a new year over there XD

Interesting. Looks like Red has a plan of sorts. Also nice to get more detail on Lorelei and the Sevvi Islands too. Now it's just a matter of wrapping things up and keeping in line with canon, which will probably still take a couple drabbles, but those should be easier than the multi part fights we've been doing :P
12/23/2018 c28 The Light's Refrain
And things only get more chaotic, as expected. Seems Moltres is about to show up. Lorelei seems to know a lot as well, which isn't too surprising considering she's an Elite Four member, but it's still a little suspicious. I'll mostly leave her to you :P

Also nice touch with Moltres being the one who saved Blaine in one way or another.
12/17/2018 c27 The Light's Refrain
A lot going on this chapter. Fights with the monsters, fight with Agatha (though it's more in the background) and Lorelei's here too. Now it's a matter of what Agatha is going to do next.
12/14/2018 c26 The Light's Refrain
It's good seeing everyone getting on the same page. With everything that's been going on, and all the different viewpoints and opinions, it's been hard for everyone to see eye to eye. Though this is a calmer chapter it's nice to get a bunch of this straightened out now.
12/9/2018 c25 The Light's Refrain
Alright, and that takes care of the traveling quickly :D. Nice to see where everyone stands, or at least where Blue thinks they stand.

Hmm, and it starts with Agatha attacking right away? Interesting.
10/30/2018 c24 The Light's Refrain
Things are heating up. Looks like Agatha is trying to play mind games with Red and Blue while dealing with Sabrina. And Erika might be controlled...Hmm...what is Agatha up to?
9/23/2018 c23 The Light's Refrain
And I completely missed this chapter XD. September was when I was having a lot of eye trouble, so...yeah, that's probably why. I don't think I was even online at the time.

Anyway, this was a cool chapter. Your description of Erika is appropriately creepy, and Blue is questioning himself even more now. I really like how you describe Erika as "green" - not only is she sick in all kinds of ways, but she is completely different from Red and Blue. Even before the breakdown, she was on her own side. Though, why is Pikachu glaring at Blue?
9/23/2018 c22 The Light's Refrain
I thought I reviewed this chapter. Oh well.

Nice little setup for the battle to come. You did a good job of describing the tower's tone, while also showcasing a little characterization for Red (whose Pokémon are so scary that they don't seem to want to mess with him)
7/18/2017 c20 Mal
People want the world to change but they're only happy if someone else is making the sacrifices.

God isn't that too true?
3/23/2017 c21 77QUEENSPELLER67
RIP, Blue's Arcanine. *cries*
3/18/2017 c21 99The Light's Refrain
Ah, so you're going with the Blue's dead Raticate theory. (I was actually thinking of scene w/ Red's Rattata for Blue's Raticate instead, but I figured that might be too far from canon). Anyway, nice little introspective from Blue. Only now is he starting to realize what facade he and Red put up between each other and other people. I suppose that puts him a step ahead of Red :P
3/13/2017 c20 77QUEENSPELLER67
I can't believe you killed Blue's Arcanine!
3/13/2017 c19 QUEENSPELLER67
So Blue got poisoned. ...Blue's Arcanine is dead?
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