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10/27/2015 c1 InAnnaCat
What a monster!Dumbledore you need to have your soul eternally damned and your mind destroyed and be kissed by a dementor and your body put on fire and then thrown through the veil of death!
9/21/2014 c1 25Starfox5
Ah, Dumbledore at his worst. Wrecking one of the better ways to save wizarding britain out of sheer stubborn refusal to let anyone other than himself find a solution. Nice idea!
5/1/2014 c1 8Respitini
Yikes. That's horrifyingly plausible. Brava.
4/18/2014 c1 6Sony Boy
I love how you added in everyone's war trigger, trauma and paranoia habits. Because I find that realistic.

Dumbledore on the other hand...well, I'm ready to declare him the a dark lord. He's not doing a lot of good.
3/23/2014 c1 Snape5
This is funny and I've never read a thing like it before. I am impressed by how funny you managed to make what could have been a morbid role call of the dead and war damaged. Loved the ending.
3/5/2014 c1 Blitzstrahl
Dumbledore cause more ruin, than Tom did in cannon. I find this so legit I will add this to my "fan fic makes so much sense Rowling was a idiot to not think of this list".
2/24/2014 c1 2Karinta
Ohhhh my god I LOVE your Dumbledore bashing :-)
1/3/2014 c1 Hurin3
I've read this a few times, and enjoyed it. Sorry I haven't reviewed it yet, as it certainly deserves more of those. I would like to see this story in a larger/wider context, but it holds together just fine as is.

How's RHS and/or BWotA going?

Thanks for writing!
12/23/2013 c1 5The Wayland Smith
An excellent little story, very well written, and I am impressed by the characterisation achieved in such a short number of words. I was almost hoping for a start to the rewriting of canon before that unfortunate ending, oh dear Dumbledore, oh dear.
12/19/2013 c1 20Red Phoenix Dragon
An interesting insight into the inner working of the "light" thinking OotP and Dumbledore's Greater Good. Pity His Greater Good won out against the will of the Order.
How far will Dumbledore go if he is prepared to declare what Lily did a dark magic?
In the graveyard Voldemort said he cursed Lily and the curse rebounded destroying his body so how did Harry end up with the scar?
Thanks for sharing your story. Please update soon.
12/19/2013 c1 RonRR
The ending sounds about right for the MOF. You also raise a point often overlooked. Harry's parents defeated Voldemort, not Harry. If Harry had in fact defeated him, he would have already fulfilled the prophesy.

Thanks for writing,

12/19/2013 c1 15Witherwings01
Fun! Machiavellian Dumbles at his best; listen to everyone's ideas and opinions and then ignore the lot ;)
12/19/2013 c1 6Tellur
Nice little one-piece, definitely worth the read!
I like the different hubrises and foibles you allude to and the less-than honest characters.
12/19/2013 c1 17Wrexscar
Thank you. Well written and I chuckled and laughed my way through it.

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