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6/18/2019 c10 hjirozame
I literally almost died of laughter at the toad joke.
1/22/2018 c24 lightning
Dark pit‚ tell pit that he is dumb and you are cool
10/18/2017 c3 Guest
Uh. wtf happened to this chapter?
7/18/2017 c24 AngelOfTheMoon
Kaepora Gaebora- YES! I HATED HIM CUZ HE ALWAYS TOOK WAYYYY TOO LONG TALKING... if you ever continue add a zelda episode plz?
4/14/2017 c3 21EmberSkies
Umm . . . a note to the author . . . take a look at this chapter. It's still in code format. You might want to check the document again.
2/12/2017 c28 Storm
I suppose you have to give a point to Hades for that monster. Very brilliant and amazingly evil. Maybe next time he'll make everyone speak in puns. Fire Emblem puns, since you wanted to try a Fire Emblem episode? Or would that SULLY your reputation too much?
1/9/2017 c29 Agent.Goldenblade
So... when hades interview

Pit in a diaper
1/6/2017 c12 3ParadigmRiki
I leave this story for a few years and I come back to find that it's gold?!
I almost forgot about this until today. Yep. It's still a good fic. Goofy, and all that. Keep up the good work, Shadmé
12/30/2016 c29 Angeltuff of LeafClan
Hey, I have a few suggestions for an episode of the Dark Pit Show. (If your taking suggestions that is. If not completely disregard this comment)
1) Have Pit go absolutely even more food crazed as a prank towards Dark Pit for all the mistreatment and emotional abuse he has caused him (okay I know that cameras are expensive but come on you don't have to be nagging him about it all of the time) you can have shadme in it too, just don't let it be known to the reader.
If it is not obvious I don't care about spelling right now or grammar cuz I'm lazy and cuz of autocorrect.
2) Have a New Year's party is where Dark Pit or Shadme comes up with the idea to play truth or dare before The Final Countdown 2 New Year's. Have a crowd consisted of Palutena ,Viridi , Hades, Phosphora and other people to play. Four dares make them do things that are out of their characters such as for Viridi, have her put pesticides on a plant for Dark Pit you can have him not complain about being called Pittoo for the rest of the day/night or some other time. The truth you can have them confirm or disconfirm any love theories going around. You can really do whatever you want for truth though.
3) Have Shadme pull a prank on Dark Pit buy making him watch a quote "historical document" of Skyworld where you're really going to watch how many times everyone called him Pittoo in the whole entire histories of his birth. Torture for the Pittoo. ;)
These are just some suggestions I thought you might like or use in your story. If you don't use them l completely understand. It's your own story, but just give my little plots of chance, kay? I love your stories by the way, they are awesome. Keep On Writing! Yeah!
12/28/2016 c29 GirlPit
Hey, Shadmè! It's me again! Loved the chapter! You always make them so fun and entertaining! For a future episode, I was thinking maybe the KIU cast could make a huge music video, to a cool parody to a popular song! I actually made one up, and feel free to use it! If you wouldn't mind crediting me, that would be awesome, but don't feel any pressure! :)

Pitto: Parody of Meghan Trainor's, "Me Too"
Who's that doppelgänger,
Standing over there?
That's DP. (Dark Pit, lol my nickname for him!)
He came from a mirror.
What's that icy thing,
Hanging 'round his head?
That's a laurel.
Goddesses show him respect.
I thank Palutena everyday.
That I got finished feelin this way.
I can't help loving myself.
I've just got so many darn hearts!
If I was you,
I'd wanna be Pit-to
I'd wanna be Pit-to
I'd wanna be Pit-to.
I walk in like a diety.
I go straight to SSB.
I never pay for my bows,
Got Viridi behind me.
My life's a video game,
So Palutena bless me.
And even if Pit tries to,
He just can't fly like I do!

That's the general gist! Please have fun with it, and enjoy! We all love you, Shadmè! :) Bye!
12/28/2016 c29 25CloudSkylark18
Nice job as usual. I can't wait for the next OC chapter. those ones are always funny. Keep up the good work
12/25/2016 c29 7GameboyNinjaUltimate Icarus
I loved the Halloween and Christmas mix. I also loved the Autocorrect Monster. Made me die of laughter. Until next time, your faithful reader GameboyNinjaUltimate Icarus, out.
11/17/2016 c28 TheFire-FlowerPrincess
Hi Shadmè! I am so exited that I am finally "talking" to you! Am am your biggest fan! I just wanted to tell you how incredible you are, and that I aspire to be such an amazing author, just like you! You have made me laugh, and wait gingerly for the next chapter again, and again! You are the best one out there. You are that good. You should get The Fire Within published! I started reading it, and I love it so much! Anyways, that was more of a private comment, but I have one more question, before I ask the crew some questions! If you are still looking for some more OCs, then it would mean the world to me if you could add a light-pink angel named Emma, who is Pit's sister! That would make me so happy! Don't feel like you need to, but please consider it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Pit- How would you describe Lady Palutena? Is she really your mom?

DP- (Dark Pit, lol! That's what I call you! :P) Ehat do you think of Shadmè? I think you two would make a super cute couple! :)

Shadmè- YOU ARE THE BEST! Could you possibly pull together an episode where all three of you play Uprising? Wouldn't that be fun?! ;)

Viridi- Can I be a commander in The Forces of Nature? You are my favorite! *squeals and plunks down resumè*

Well, thank you guys so much! Enjoy the show! Bye! :D *activates Power Of Flight, and flies away*
9/22/2016 c28 26Comycat1987
Yaaaaasssss... Pokemon go... The title made me die! (Figuratively... Maybe...) but I have been waiting so long for an update on this! Team mystic all the way (I like articuno)
Ice: ummm... I have a question... Have Pit and Dark Pit ever heard of Naruto?
Naruto: of course they have! I'm amazing!
Kiyo: yo, that would be funny. Ninja Angels. You and Pit would be a cool match together.
Naruto: who now?
Ehh, I just think a Naruto episode would be funny. Of course, poor Kiyo and Ice would miss out, cause they're OCs! Love them both though.
Gizmo:no, love ME
(Enough of my lame comedy attempts XD)
9/19/2016 c28 25CloudSkylark18
Oh my gosh this was great. I can't wait for the next chapter. And thanks for PMing me and asking me to be on the next OC chapter. I would love to be the guest.
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