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for Take Care I'll See You In Heaven

1/10/2016 c9 Skriva
No! Oh my gosh! This is so sad! :::(
You wrote this so well, it felt like I was right there!
3/18/2014 c1 7Me And The Time Vortex
3/15/2014 c9 31FireChildSlytherin5
0oh that's heartbreaking. Love it.
3/15/2014 c9 102barjy02
to properly drive the point home, the last part even sadder
Words came too late
Dean is not there when Castiel dies
Castiel and him have been cursed till the end
I do not believe in heaven, so, I'm just saying it's just unfair to separate lovers when all should unite them.
I hate deathfic, this is the last one I read

That said, it was very well written and full of feeling but I wish at least he did not die alone.
This character, anyway, is doomed to finish alone
3/15/2014 c8 barjy02
so let him dying ...alone
god damnit i never read a deathfic anymore
3/14/2014 c7 31FireChildSlytherin5
I would read this chapter if not for it being smoosh together.
3/13/2014 c7 102barjy02
this all story breaks my heart in thousand pieces
why do I continue to read it? i don't know, probably because i don't want to see him dead and I always have Hope...
i just want to see a miracle, need a miracle...
He really didn't deserve to suffer like that...that's not the right reward for all his sacrifices...
nobody deserves to suffer like this

i 'm so sad for him
so sad for Dean
sad for them
1/19/2014 c6 31FireChildSlytherin5
I'm glad that Sammy is there to tell Dean all that. Awesome chapter.
1/19/2014 c6 102barjy02
god damned, i cry like a shit...

i don't want to see him dead, i don't care about the "good" words of Sam ...
Castiel didn't deserve to die...not like this even with Dean by his side...we're alone facing the Dead, friends, lovers or not...

that pissed me off... to imagine Dean without Castiel but with his brother on the road...

Where is GOD? Where are his angel's brothers, the ones who care about him?
why Dean didn't pray them?
he did so much to save his bro why didn't do the same for Castiel?

there must have someone to help him after all the sacrifices he did...
he deserves to survive...
1/2/2014 c5 31FireChildSlytherin5
Very heartbreaking.

I wonder when Sam will get Dean's message. Great chapter.
1/2/2014 c5 4hugs from demon dean
awee:3 omg omg omg omg ahhhhhhhh this. is. so. freaking. ADORABLE.
12/26/2013 c4 31FireChildSlytherin5
Wow, very good heartbreaking chapter.
12/25/2013 c4 2anna3311234
Oh my god! Ahhhh...i am busting out tears now ...ooooh poor cas!!!!!! Oh dear lord! Plz plz update soon i have to now what happens next! This story is amazing so far,keep up the wonderful work!
12/25/2013 c4 4hugs from demon dean
OMG! AHHHHHH! I just read all of this and I HAVE to say it's AMAZING! Your details and emotions are so talented. This story is so heart warming (and breaking). It's so beautiful but sad at the same time. I just love it! gill
12/25/2013 c4 102barjy02
i read some more fun fic for Christmas day...Hummm
i hope that Dean didn't gonno do something stupid...beacause Castiel didn't deserve to die but didn't deserve to lost Dean either...(so no more contract or something like that because Castiel gonna die in the end...They need to live together...or die together)

but it's Christmas maybe he's father gonna remember that he's most loyal angel and son is dying...
that Dean, the hunter who lost everything deserves to be reward for his "pain"

maybe...a Christmas Miracle...
but i don't believe in miracle

love this story even it's sad and hard

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