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1/9/2021 c1 reisova
Nice story
5/14/2020 c1 Clare
What a smart short story! Really loved, but at the same time felt awkward myself (Lols), reading about all the tension flying around. I don't think Elsa did herself any favours spilling that drink on Maria and then treating her so haughtily afterwards. She couldn't just be happy that she was engaged to Georg and that Maria was beaten and accepting enough of the situation to leave again in September. I like that Max is sympathetic towards Maria though, I always think he would be, because he shares the same mischievous streak/sense of fun as her and I also like that he gave Georg the poke he needed :)
9/6/2018 c1 10bloomandgrow
This was a brilliantly crafted missing scene story with all the tensions bubbling beneath the surface of the love triangle of Elsa, Maria and Georg. Love that you gave Max a prominent role nudging Georg along to see sense. You give him a depth and influence that was not apparent in the film - and I just love it.
Elsa badly miscalculated with her fake accident with the drink, resulting in Maria, fittingly wearing that talisman of a blue dress. Maria's reaction to the incident was so in keeping with her generous character - asking for God's help to deal with get through the whole ordeal of dinner.
Wonderfully done.
4/20/2018 c1 Scot
I love the bit about Brigitta and Louisa looking so different - but being so very close as sisters. I've got that type of bond with my brother David. We're non - identical twins - but we're best mates - and we always protect each other.
1/28/2017 c1 73UndoubtedlyTheWine
Lovely story!
1/31/2016 c1 105Sara K M
Hi there.

I always figured Max had to know, or at least suspect about Georg's feelings for Maria. Max WAS his oldest friend, from what I can tell. He had to have some idea what was going on, even though Georg is supposed to be a master at hiding emotions.

That being said, I don't think Max had any preference in Elsa vs. Maria. He liked them both. (Kind of like his attitude to politics.)
5/28/2015 c1 17Consti Grandchester
it was excelent story! I love it!
5/13/2015 c1 TheBeeStings
I love it when Max gets to be the unsung hero and voice of tough love. It's so nice that you gave him more depth and integrity than just the clown role he sometimes plays. I have always thought that Georg must have kept him around for more than comic relief.

And Maria showed such class when the Baroness spilled on her...I'm afraid by that point I'd have socked her one, almost nun or not!
3/21/2015 c1 47faithandhopewoman
You described Elsa as a mean and revenge filled woman. One you would like to slap. Maria on the other hand was trying to be as nice and polite as she could. They were extreme opposites.
I liked the way you used Max. Because in the movie we learn so little about him, it allows us to give a different personality. You did that well.
I loved how you used him to make Georg think about doing what his heart told him.
A very nice short story.
8/7/2014 c1 3greysanatomiac007
I love your story, please continue !
2/21/2014 c1 137rebecca-in-blue
I love this because we never saw Georg's reaction to Maria's return from the abbey, and I think you capture it very well. I also like all the pulls, pushes, and different emotions between him, Max, Elsa, and Maria.
1/3/2014 c1 Guest
Would have liked this story to continue a bit more.
12/27/2013 c1 Jammie13
Loved this! Flows so nicely w the movie! Thank you!
12/23/2013 c1 Guest
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12/23/2013 c1 23thoughts-of-joy-dreams-of-love
Very well done, it was interesting to see what might've happened right after Maria returned, and I always did wonder how she ended up in the blue dress again. Nice job! :)
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