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for Blood and Fire

5/14 c2 Xenokiller419
I don't know why but keep on thinking he is Yakuza for some reason and not some low level but either a high ranking member or a son of either the leader or high ranking member
4/17 c1 navyfield858
tell me in the PM, how is this not a self insert huh? no need to sugarcoat your BS of an excuse by saying this daichi fella is an OC. As others has pointed out, your OC acts as if he's well prepared, it breaks the immersion, and the edgy names and stuff...ugh!
4/7 c1 Guest
Read the first chapter, saw his last name "Shattersoul", why so edgy? Literally laughed when I read it.
3/14 c1 Guest
Jesus this fucking guy snarky edgelord douchebag who is tough and yappy enough to pipe up about slavery but too much of a little bitch to do anything about it? He should of just sat there and kept his mouth shut instead of trying to be cool daichi fucking shatter soul man gtfoh with that goofy shit.
2/20 c1 aemorrison7613
I’m enjoying it so far but I can’t help but notice a number of times where there’s clearly a missing word or to. Like when characters say “you this guy” when I guess it’s supposed to be “you know this guy”.
2/15 c20 3OechsnerC
Awesome finish.
1/31 c1 MaTachin
well louise and saito is dumb combo pair, thats why they got married anyway, i mean who the hell want to marry arrogant girl that always punch you lol only saito
11/2/2021 c19 Shadow55
Amazing chapter love it
10/6/2021 c2 PerseoLor
Please add Tiffania to.
10/7/2021 c19 OechsnerC
Awesome chapter. Really loved this story.
10/7/2021 c1 JaimonDosFendu
Wow the grammar is appalling
8/29/2021 c1 Seraphy64
I would agree with the AN about Saito being a dumbass but your MC figured out he was gonna be enslaved then let's it happen anyway. Don't try to give me some shit about kitchen being able to kiss him before he realises what's going on and before he can stop her. He could easily backhand the bitch and knock her the fuck out. Your simp of an OC saw a sexy girl and lost all reasoning.
8/6/2021 c1 guest
i love people who said Daichi is an "oc when he isn’t one.

unlike Saito or any other person, he is not confused, disoriented, he doesn't ask himself any questions, he doesn't ask where he is, how and why he was torn away from his native world, etc...

on the contrary he is much too calm as if he WANTED AND EXPECTED to be here!

for season 4, i'm not sure but i think it has something to do with the death of the author of the novel.
The author died of illness, just before he died he had time to convey how his work was supposed to end.
those who continued his work had to improvise, the quality not being the same.

your author's note is nonsense because you could have fleshing out Saito by making him a human being with more consistency, backbone.

Saito asking questions, learning where he is, writing, counting, that kind of stuff.

Saito could have asked if he knew he had runes!
Louise and him DIDN’T know he was the Gandralfr, ONLY Colbert and Osmond KNEW!

but instead you insert yourself and take Saito’s role without forgetting to give yourself a harem!


is that why you decided to write this fic?

to vent your hatred towards Saito? to humiliate him and degrade his character?

to make him a doormat while "Daichi" take his spotlightAM and gets all girls?

To show how superior your self-insert is to him?

pathetic. just pathetic.
8/6/2021 c1 guest
oc? lmfao

stop pretending it’s an oc and said he’s a self-insert lol
6/8/2021 c18 OechsnerC
Awesome update. Sorry about your loss. Looking forward to reading this.
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