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10/12/2017 c1 Anonymous
Pfft-hahaha that 'somewhere in the universe' really got me! I don't know why tho!
3/2/2017 c12 Pinkiliciouslin
9/12/2015 c12 Guest
If you want to know, their story is on wattpad also. ( )οΎ‰
12/18/2014 c11 cincinnatus18
Oh my god the poor boy poor Sei-chan... 'Please rape me'?
12/18/2014 c8 cincinnatus18
I feel so sorry for Akashi. He has to act like KISE, one of his least favorite people in the GoM. And he's gotta say 'cchi' and act real happy. Now he's gotta MODEL?!
5/4/2014 c12 Guest-chan
Please update soon
4/30/2014 c12 Guest-chan
5/1/2014 c12 15sereneskydragonslayer
haha...*nervous laugh* that teacher is so screwed...
4/30/2014 c12 2Winterabbit
Akashi is such a baka sometimes. Going as far as complaining to the principal to prove his innocence but in the end he lost. In fact, i think Akashi could have win if not by the fact that he was smirking at . And the fact that he want to hire private investigator just for revenge was too much. Akashi ... Akashi... *shook my head in disappointment* your perfection is really too much to handle _"
4/28/2014 c12 5Weirdpersonhere
Wat a cute ending! I wonder how Kise going to handle all the pressure in Rakuzan
4/28/2014 c12 lagi-dragneel
What do we learn from this? Right. Don't mess with Akashichi!
4/28/2014 c12 2EminaRukiax
Ohhhhh! Takano! You are so dead! Nobody, and I mean nobody messes around with Akashi... Even though he is in Kise's body... Which Takano doesn't know... Loool!
4/28/2014 c12 Kisara-00206
Takano, prepare for your end! *evil laugh* XD
4/19/2014 c9 Shan
Poor Ahomine uwu
4/19/2014 c11 2Winterabbit
Is Kise that dumb for his teacher to accuse him for cheating? How about Akashi's school life? He's student council president and ace of all subject. If Kise that dumb, i doubt he could manage and what's that?! i'm actually sensing that there will be some romance (maybe).
Well, that was a good one, quite unexpected. I look forward for the next chapter
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