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for Freedom In Vegas

7/9/2018 c4 aradia1967
if your still writing fanfiction please update
5/27/2018 c3 FluffyPandaShip
Why don't you continue this?
1/18/2014 c3 11chm01
neville you poor bastard. Also is Harry and Hermione getting together with another girl?
1/12/2014 c3 starboy454
poor nev stuck with ron
1/3/2014 c1 agnar
I hope you can find a native English speaking beta to help. The grammar is just, really pretty bad. Makes it hard to read I'm afraid. I like the base idea though so I'll watch this in hopes you get some editing help at some point.
12/30/2013 c3 12Noir Detective
not bad at all. Don't know how I feel about Ron/Neville, but we will see. Grammar needs a lot of work but still readable.

Cheers ND
12/26/2013 c2 Guest
Cool story :P I hope Kara gets to meet the gang soon. Some super/magic action would be nice. You can do spelling and grammar checks on most writing software. In any case, the mistakes are passable. Thanks!

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