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6/12 c25 Guest
The stories started off nicely, ignoring the canon absurdities of romance and assuming Harry and Hermione getting together naturally but the last dozen or so stories seem to place the blame on Harry and feel slightly accusatory... Almost like you are suddenly trying to justify the canon by pointing fingers on Harry Potter.
I preferred the first batch a lot more. The first batch of Harmony stories felt smoothly written though slightly artificial in whitewashing malfoy and snake.
5/11 c12 Guest
1/22 c17 varunharmony
Loved this eventhough it was a bit too fast...
1/3 c25 K
A really enjoyable series of one offs. Lots of imagination there.
1/3 c9 K
Good one. If only —
1/3 c6 K
Nice story, particularly the denouement!
1/2 c5 SilverRyu
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Best chapter so far.
1/1 c6 23klemmr
why did you have to do me like this
10/1/2020 c24 K
A great selection of excerpts. Loved them.
10/1/2020 c14 K
A highly amusing story!
7/24/2020 c17 aldi
Of course it can happen. But personally i think that Harry didn't know. I mean he didn't what love is. After all the dursley made sure of that. Dumbledore made sure of that. So how can a guy who don't know about love to tell that. Of course it's just my oppinion
3/12/2020 c17 Baelorfan
I can totally buy the first two thirds. That Harry wants an instant family and chooses the Weasleys, that he hangs on to Ron as his first friend just as he is loyal to Hagrid, the first wizard he met. That he consistently chooses Ron over Hermione because Ron is the same-sex as him and his mate, because Ron is more fun and encourages Harry to goof off not study at all the time, because Hermione tends to be bossy and act like Harry's older sister. I don't think in canon Harry has romantic feelings for Hermione at all. In the movies, there are moments that could have gone either way. I can believe that Hermione had romantic feelings for Harry who saved her life first year, bit that she suppressed them as she grew older.

What I don't get is her attraction towards Ron (who is decent in canon but still not quite her type). I suppose she chose Ron because she didn't have too many options at Hogwarts, because she realized that marrying a pureblood husband would open doors for a Muggleborn witch, because she also needed a warm family. In canon, she spends a lot of time during summers with the Weasleys.

In the epilogue, her distant behavior with Harry now makes sense. She and Harry are no longer friends. If she could divorce Ron without consequences for her career, she probably would.
3/7/2020 c2 tricorvus
I adore Ron-bashing. I just cannot stand him.
I would adopt Fred & George in a heartbeat, though
rock on
3/7/2020 c1 tricorvus
great story and btw I love the Calvin thumbnail :D :D
rock on
1/14/2020 c12 Latarra
I like this story as well.
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