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10/30/2016 c16 xNaruHina
There was no reason for Harry to have abandoned Hermione for six months. He isn't Ron, he shouldn't be abandoning anyone. On that note, Teddy is Andi's family, she should be caring for him not trying to get away from him. Even Molly isn't abandoning her family and she lost a kid too. If someone as depraved as her can stick with her family than Andi should be able to as well.

Other than that, the story itself was cute. :)
10/30/2016 c14 xNaruHina
Aphrodite is a cute name for a kid :/ I love how Hermione ran at and jumped into Harry's arms. That was adorable. :)
10/30/2016 c11 xNaruHina
Why even go to university? They already had seven years of Hogwarts..they have all resources to have all the magical knowledge they will ever need. They have absolutely no need to have muggle classes on top of that. .-.
10/29/2016 c9 xNaruHina
I guess you must think that Lily is a pretty horrible name for a kid too eh? I honestly like Rose and Lily as names and I think that most of the 'common' names kids have are actually pretty horrible xD
10/29/2016 c6 xNaruHina
This chapter was extremely sweet and cute. :3
10/21/2016 c19 tricorvus
When I see how few people are being considerate enough to write a review of your Very Good Works here, it guilts me into honoring your hard work.
This is very good stuff.
Rock on
10/21/2016 c16 tricorvus
Excellent. One persnickety from me, though. Harry's first present was his cake from Hagrid, or Hedwig (also from Hagrid), depending on how you view "present".
Still, you very well put Ginny in her place.
Rock on
10/21/2016 c15 tricorvus
Honestly, that assessment of Ron is better than JK's potion-induced Ron of the end of book 7. And even then bits slipped through. I can't stand Ron, I knew bullies like him. I knew (not in my own relationships) battering husbands that acted like Ron. When people make impassioned speeches how great Ron is, I honestly can't think what books they were reading...
rock on
10/21/2016 c14 tricorvus
That was farking excellent
Rock on
10/20/2016 c9 tricorvus
Rock on
10/20/2016 c8 tricorvus
Before I forget, THANK YOU for correctly using "mokeskin" instead of the incorrect "moleskin" that nearly everyone else does.
For the benefit of others: A MOKE IS A GREY MAGICAL LIZARD
Rock on, you magnificent thing you
10/20/2016 c6 tricorvus
I deeply enjoyed this
10/20/2016 c5 tricorvus
Absolutely amazing. I had to go see the video on YouTube, to jog my memory. Whoops, looks like Queen Rowling is a Python fan!
Rock on
10/20/2016 c3 tricorvus
I really loved that
Rock on
9/25/2016 c9 dixie326
I never read the books but when I saw in the movies that she had Hermione end up with Ron I decided that if I ever let my kids read or watch the Harry Potter books and movies that I will have a long discussion with them about how the way Ron treated Hermione was abuse and not love. I will also tell them that the fighting they did was not "sexual tension" or them "acting like an old married couple" and evidence that they should be together because fighting like that in a relationship is dysfunctional and not a healthy relationship. I was so angry that a FEMALE author could write a series of books geared towards children and families that allowed one of the "heroes" to treat a girl that was supposed to be one of his best friends and someone that he loved the way he treats her and have that be acceptable...way to teach girls that that type of treatment isn't abuse and should just be forgiven.
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