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for Waking the dragon

10/31/2017 c1 11KnightLawn
Amazing work on this.
5/4/2014 c1 1Tai'shar Westernesse
I absolutely love it! Especially that last line.. goodness I wish I could write poetry like that. I think the poem could have done with a bit more punctuation, but other than that it is great!
3/29/2014 c1 6watlocked
I like it, and I like how the rhythm flows through the rhyme scheme. Very well done.
2/11/2014 c1 BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope
Great poem fic. Very well written.
1/3/2014 c1 8Sagethorn
Cool! Your rhyming ability is quite impressive. And I totally imagined this being read in the dragon's voice. :D Very nice poem.
12/22/2013 c1 13iggyfing
Oooooh, I do have a terrible weakness for catchy rhymes.
12/22/2013 c1 drummerlisa
whoa, this is fricking impressive, thanks!
12/21/2013 c1 37samus18
Absolutely pleasurable read. :D Good poetry is hard to come by, in my opinion, but this is spectacular. Funnily enough, even though this poem is describing Smaug during certain parts, I can easily imagine him (movie-voice, that is) saying all this, intimidating Bilbo.
Anyway, I love it - thanks for sharing. :)
12/21/2013 c1 Gypsies and Thieves
Holy shit. This is amazing. Just. Wow. I bow down to your skill. Lovely to read. Smaug had to be my favourite part of this movie, that and I See Fire by Ed Sheeran - and this captures both of those perfectly.

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