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for Mirrored Reflections

4/5/2023 c3 3StrongestAnythingGoodPrincess
I don't know if you're continuing this in a different fic yet, but it is awesome. Please continue it!
1/17/2021 c3 CODYARMY
Update really good and Dani about to rip Superman and supergirl and new one like HEY IM A CLONE TOO DIP$$$s oh yeah king Phantom is allowing her to the ghost suckers sticks out her tongue XD
1/30/2019 c3 Guest
Please update! Continue!I love this story So MUCH! And it’s super interesting so please update!
2/8/2016 c3 11socialgirl378
Huh, looks like Batgirl was able to shut them up. It's too bad this story wasn't updated for a long while, and it probably won't be, but at least you tried writing out your idea even if it's incomplete.
1/31/2016 c2 socialgirl378
And now here comes some trouble! This Galetea is foreign to me. I'll look her up later. What would Ella/Dani do when she faces Supergirl's clone? Well, I'll just have to see in the next chapter of Mirrored Reflections! (You like the dramatic quote I made?) Ooh, Dani's gonna meet Supergirl? Awesome.
1/29/2016 c1 socialgirl378
Huh, well this story is interesting. I really like the intereaction between Batgirl and Dani. Her new last name and first name of her hero's identity are really good. Suits her to be honest. Will read the next chap soon enough

- SG378
12/2/2015 c3 PikaMew1288
I hope that you update this soon. I would love to see where this goes.
12/2/2015 c3 43KodiakWolfe13
OOOOO, this was interesting! I kinda wish I had read it sooner but I had read other stories starring these two and they didn't interest me so I was hesitant. However, this was better than I thought it was going to be and I'm excited to have the chance to help out.

Alright, so ideas... Well, with where you left off, Dani's call could go two ways. 1) Talking Galatea down didn't work and she needs backup. That one is highly improbable though. The other one is that Dani succeeded and is calling to tell Batgirl so, which is the more probable one.

One thing you could do for the next chap is show Ella/Dani beaming down to the Grand Canyon and the fight the two got into when Galatea realized it wasn't Kara, then have Dani break the news of her own heritage to her. That, or Galatea continued to be berserk and Dani had to restrain her.

Afterwards, we can see what Dani does with her potential new friend (if all goes well). Will the two go off and hide out in Gotham? Will they find a new place to live? Will they even be living near each other at all? What'll happen to Galatea exactly, seeing as she is kind of a criminal?

If things aren't swell between the two, Dani could still attempt to reach out to Galatea after she's locked up. They could bicker and fight but slowly get closer until they're friends. Maybe Dani'll bring Danny in to confirm her story. Who knows?

I hope those suggestions help you out! If not, I at least hope that they gave you some ideas to work on and morph into something all your own. :D

Once again, awesome story and I'm excited to see what you do with it next. Also, sorry it took so long. I was recovering from a road-trip yesterday and had to do two essays and three tests today. It was time-consuming to say the least. :D

Can't wait for the next chapter!

11/16/2015 c3 91JustAnotherObsessedFanPerson
Please! Please! Please! I love this story UPDATE
6/28/2015 c3 7helenGet
More of this will be nice!
4/5/2015 c1 AffectEffect12
Hi there, I'm been trying to PM you for the past couple days now, and I was just wondering if everything is okay on your end. Contact me when you get the chance. Thanks.
3/14/2015 c3 Guest
Are you going to update or not?
3/8/2015 c2 Guest
When are you going to updated chapter 4 ?
1/18/2015 c3 animegal1357
are you going to continue this? PLEASE! it is a very good story and I really want to read through to the end! Please continue
11/6/2014 c3 1Chise Sakamoto
Nice! Have her admit about being a clone!
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