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9/14/2014 c12 25Sherlock's 2nd Blogger
Aw. Well, good luck with everything! Please return to this one soon!
9/14/2014 c10 Sherlock's 2nd Blogger
Let me just say that I needed this fic. I just got back from a road trip (I never like coming home after a road trip) and am laughing so hard at this and am now very glad that my brother and dad are in a different state. :D
But which film is this from? It may be a very obvious question but I tend to get very lost when someone mentions something popular.
I'm going to finish reading the other chapters now! Update soon!
7/6/2014 c4 11sakurablue13
6/17/2014 c3 1White Wyrsa
Ha! *gleeful laugh* clever boy Pasha.
I'm enjoying this bunch of stories immenselly, and this fic just made my day. Thnak you!
PS: Good choice of Russian frases. One of them is incorrect though, if you want, I'd give a tip ;) So your great story could be perfect)
6/8/2014 c12 7clockworktrain
Hey I hope you start feeling better soon. Take care of yourself! I'll be glad when you return.
6/7/2014 c4 11Rose9797
LMFAO! Man, i nearly fell of my chair laughing at Chapter 4!
6/6/2014 c12 16Mistress Anko
Please post another when you've written somthing on your new account. If I don't add a story to favorites I don't get updates and write now you don't have any stories on the new account for me to update. Your stuff is really good, by all means take a break if you need it, but I've enjoyed both the writing style and content of your work as it is now.
4/22/2014 c11 XxKickYourAxX
Beyond hilarious. A work of art really!
4/17/2014 c11 Selah Rae
Oh my gosh...this...this...I think you broke me.
4/16/2014 c11 realisticFantasy
Ohgod I'm dying! This is hilarious!
4/16/2014 c11 IAmAnElf
This is... Somewhat strange, I have to admit. The awesome kind of strange though. You could do one where Chekov and Sulu convince Bones that he has died and gone to heaven? I am in need of some serious humour at the moment, so make the next ones good.
4/16/2014 c11 53Sonar
Let the applications and downfall for the babysitters begin.
4/16/2014 c11 Guest
Hahaha :) I loved this. Especially Spock and Kirk's last exchange. I hope your family issues and stress level are both settled. Anyway, again, I loved this chapter. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud, but you succeeded.
3/31/2014 c7 Guest
I love this game!
3/31/2014 c4 Guest
Nyota has an excellent point and a good idea
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