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for A Prophecy Gone Wrong

11/13/2019 c3 musicluver246
Great story so far.
2/25/2018 c3 heleana1
Please update!
6/26/2016 c3 hailstormdragon
I love your story, and hope you to pick it up again.
7/11/2015 c3 Nellyblue11
Awww why did you stop writing your story. Please keep on updating your story. Will they believe Cassandra. Will she go to gold . what will gold do to her. What will they say about her been friends with the evil queen. Please start updating your story again.
6/21/2014 c3 Dreamingdreams
Oh I love Cass nickname for Regina and yes Rumple if anyone knew the truth about what you did to Cass I would be looking for some place to hide. Because honestly I think you are right that Regina won't help you either.

I love how Cass manage to spoil all of those plans of Reggie's. I bet that Regina wishes that she had spoiled this last one too.

Another really good read. I look forward to reading what will happen next.
6/21/2014 c2 Dreamingdreams
I don't call that being paranoid not really in her line of work. Plus she can now look at it this way Regina can't really break into her room that she has her computers in...not until the magic is back on that is. But I could be wrong about that. I think she would have to know where Cass keeps it still.

I like how she get Graham's heart back may Regina not be able to take that away from him again. I like that he will now get a chance to be with Emma.

Great chapter!
6/21/2014 c1 Dreamingdreams
I think it sounds interesting so far. I love that she made Emma's gadgets that she uses to do her work.

I can somehow see her causing Regina problems with her knowledge too.

Great start! Now off to read the next chapter!
5/11/2014 c3 1klutz5637
Please Update! This is such an original story and I cannot wait to read more :)!
2/15/2014 c3 Lunaconspiracy365
please update love it so far.
2/8/2014 c3 Bronzelove
Please update soon!
2/7/2014 c3 ohhnoesthuy
i am in the needs.. lol amazing chapter. slowly going into season 2 whoooo
2/3/2014 c2 5taciturnAnalyst
This is really interesting, please update.
2/2/2014 c2 Guest
Why u no update?
1/26/2014 c2 2ThePhantomismyLove
1/13/2014 c2 Guest
great story! can't wait for more
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