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6/5/2019 c5 wre000fwt
Wow! I LOVE CHAPTER 5 SO MUCH! What an emotional chapter you came up with. And yeah, I know the "Anna/Elsa has a nightmare and look for the other for comfort" idea is all well known for everyone, BUT, the diference is that every version is different, and yours... Wow... Yours is an explotion! Your narrator is so POWERFUL! I loved the details in every word and action coming from Anna and Elsa; so heartwhelming, so touching, and the sadness... Beautiful! I hope you update one day. I love your concept of Frozen. By the way, you ready for Frozen II?
5/30/2019 c5 Guest
These are great! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
7/20/2018 c5 60HAFanForever
Both girls had bad dreams...but at least they are there to comfort each other as they should. :)
7/20/2018 c4 HAFanForever
Poor Elsa has been feeling nothing but terror for years before the day of her coronation finally arrived...and now the day has finally come.
7/20/2018 c3 HAFanForever
Kai and Gerda are probably the servants closest to the royal family that they have been treated like family by them. They definitely are acting like real family in this chapter.
7/27/2017 c1 2761394
It's a perfectly valid question
11/15/2015 c1 40Concolor44
And that, yes, made me cry. Not just misty sniffles, either. I had to go fetch tissues ... but all I could find was a paper towel, so now my cheeks are chafed and it's All Your Fault.

Glorious, this is.
4/28/2015 c5 3Ohsochich
dat ending doe
2/9/2015 c5 Making Some Toast
I've been so obsessed about these stories that I forgot to write a review for them. I must love torturing myself because I always read chapter three despite the fact that it leaves me in a pool of my sad emotions by the end of it. Actually, I'm in that pool long before the end. Probably around the point where Kai talks about how Anna has Elsa's eyes. That part, and when Anna can hear Elsa crying through the door is what gets me. I just wanted Kai to open the door sooner so he could embrace the two of them and make some of the pain so away. To be honest, if they had a scene like this in the movie, I would have bawled my eyes out and made gross, sobbing sounds in the movie theater. Fantastic job; these are definitely somewhere in my top ten favorite one shots There's just no question about it.
2/7/2015 c5 40Concolor44
This was one of the most emotional roller-coasters I've ever had the immense privilege to ride. I am slamming this into Favorites SO HARD.
1/14/2015 c5 Anon
The second chapter was bittersweet and reading how badly Elsa wanted a hug hurts me too much. I'm glad Anna sees the hurt in Elsa's eyes because that way Anna knows she doesn't hate her. It is unfair that Anna is left out of the loop too. A family secret between their parents and Elsa only. There's a rift and she can only watch from the sidelines. I wish they could just stay in that one hug forever but at least they got to experience it one last time.

The third one was unbearable sad. I started crying because how broken everyone. Anna grieving but also trying to be there for distant Elsa. And then Elsa also grieving but shutting herself out. And now Kai who is torn between which one needs comforting and seeing that each are struggling with their emotions, knowing why Elsa shut herself out and that it's killing both Elsa and Anna. Oh man oh man. The emotions are too real. There needs to be more stories of Kai but I don't think any will be as good as chapter 3. The feelings that I got from it were too much to handle.
9/23/2014 c2 Guest
Anna's own eyebrows don't resemble her hair; they're much darker. Sorry, it's silly to point out something so trivial but it's true, and this chapter made me pay more attention to eyebrows in general.
8/27/2014 c1 19draco122
you know i think this was awesome i loved it
6/7/2014 c5 14SnowyCrocus
These were all sooo amazing. You created such deep, powerful moments. Each was incredible to read! I see that this is complete but I really hope you write more in the future!
5/10/2014 c1 AxelsVirtue
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