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1/8/2014 c2 10Q-A the Authoress
:( I want to cry at this, but I can't... darn it.

Keep on Writin' and Rockin'
1/8/2014 c1 Q-A the Authoress
- Oh so many feels. Creed you have done it again. Maybe when HTTYD2 comes out you can do a fanfic for it also. Just hoping and all.

Keep on Writin' and Rockin'
1/6/2014 c3 Guest
Beautiful: sweet and thoughtful, quite but moving. Thank you for posting. I do hope you'll consider writing more in this category.
1/6/2014 c3 last white feather
Don't mind that shattering sound -that was just your story breaking my heart. I love your writing and scene choices, keep going :)
1/5/2014 c3 4jaguarspot

I loved this. Especially chapter 2, but chapter three was also amazing!
I really hope you write more to this story, like Kai's feelings during the movie or something like that.

You're an awesome writer. I can already tell that this is one of those stories I'm going to come back and re-read at random times for months.

1/5/2014 c3 Nelfed
Actual tears in my eyes.
1/5/2014 c3 5whitewolf1559
I loved all three of these! Please write more like this!
1/5/2014 c2 Killer Sand Shadow
I love this entire fic with all three stories. I chose to review from the second because it is my favorite. Some people miss the power of a simple hug and all the warmth and love it can convey. You are a brilliant writer and the emotions your stories convey and invoke are powerful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this talent and these stories.
1/4/2014 c3 6acaeverything
I hate you and love you simultaneously but jeesh wow this is amazing and I'm crying
1/4/2014 c3 letslove
This was incredibly beautiful. I'd always turned over the role of Kai and Gerda in my mind, knowing that they must have been close to the family and the girls in particular. I can just see a little Anna following him round and asking ridiculous questions or being a staunch supporter of Elsa. The servants of the Castle see more of lives of their masters than anyone ever realizes. Again this was truely beautiful, I look for to reading more from you.
1/4/2014 c3 Aesla
Daaaaaw! Love transcends rank! This was beautiful, the whole thing. Way to hit on one of the main themes of the film: true love is true love. It doesn't always take a prince ;)
1/4/2014 c3 9LaraAelric
I made the mistake of reading this on the train and so I’m sure many people saw me making wobbly eyes at my phone the entire time I was reading. Major feels for this fic; it’s probably the most emotional thing I’ve read in this fandom so far. I was going to tell you which chapter was my favorite but I have to say, I changed my mind every time I clicked 'next'. They're all beyond my favorite. You somehow managed to find all the moments that I didn't know I needed to see Elsa being comforted for, and then you nailed each of them perfectly.

The mother with the baby, and the way Elsa's eyes brimmed with tears because this child, this symbol of her people's fear of her powers, loves and forgave her unconditionally. And the fact that not once did the mother try to back away; Elsa's shame and guilt was all in her head by this point, and if anything, maybe the mother needed to see that Elsa still harbored such feelings from that memory. But I really think the mother had moved on where Elsa hadn't, and now she can move on, too. And to have the child named after her! The way Elsa panicked as the child all-but jumped into her arms, because how can she be trusted with such innocent life? Her of all people? But even when the frost began to creep up the baby wasn't afraid at all. Favorite line of this chapter hands down: 'and she was not a queen now...she was a little girl desperately needing reassurance.' Because Elsa never had that in her childhood. And even though this woman isn't her mother, she's a symbol for that moment when Elsa needed it most. And, just, ugh. (Loved Anna's question about whether a child was named after HER, too.)

The second chapter. Gaaaah. The way Anna tried so hard to hate her sister, yet when she saw the sadness, the longing in Elsa's eyes, she finally realized there was more to this than she knew. And even though she didn't know the secret, she couldn't find it in her to hate Elsa after all. Not when she looked so sad, so desperate but so uncertain of what to do. And the little moments when Elsa showed that Anna's concern of Elsa's hatred were one-sided - the gentle smile, the holding in the group hug. This entire chapter - I lied. This one is probably my favorite. But only barely. And all because of those little tremors in Elsa's voice, the way she started to reach out but pulled away - and then Anna's bluntness enacted full-force by pushing Elsa - the first physical contact they've had in years! - so that she has to take that final step that she's afraid of for reasons Anna can't possibly know. I felt so bad for Elsa when she began to jerk away in fear, but thankfully, finally, her parents reached back and showed just how much they loved her and didn't want to hold back anymore. This entire scene was just wonderful.

And Kai! You may not have had much to work with but you made me love everything about him. I love his fatherly stance on the two girls, his concern for them knowing they'd be needing comfort. The way he watched Anna become happy yet lonely while Elsa retreated farther away. The way he knew to find Anna in front of Elsa's door. The bit about him realizing exactly how alike they are, in that both just want to make sure the other is alright. One of my favorite lines: the one where for the first time, Anna had Elsa's eyes. Because even though Anna didn't notice them until the group hug, Kai had watched Elsa grow up and have sadness become a constant in her eyes. The bits where Anna could hear Elsa crying and just wanted to go in to comfort her, not understanding why Elsa refused to open the door. The way Kai didn't want to leave Anna's side but had to for Elsa's sake...the way he barged in and how his heart broke seeing her curled up on the floor, yet he refused to leave when she tried to push him away. And finally, the way he stayed there to make sure she'd sleep, knowing that if he left she would probably wake up and retreat again.

You are a wonderful person. That's all I can really say.
1/4/2014 c3 15BewareMyFrozenHeart
This is so beautiful, I'm lost for words. Amazing chapter - congratulations!
1/4/2014 c3 7NicPie
I've always wondered about what Kai thought about everything. Thanks for giving it a go.. it was very nice. :)
1/4/2014 c1 NicPie
Very sweet.. I really feel for Elsa in those moments too. :(
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