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for The Stars Stand Up in the Air: The 58th Hunger Games

7/28/2016 c43 4blangreck
I visited Ohio State University today and it reminded me of this story actually. It was cool to see where the story took place. And the campus was nice too.
10/30/2015 c1 12IVolunteerAsAuthor
Though I'm sad that Aurora didn't win its ok that Max did! Good story. Can't wait for you to start your next one!
10/29/2015 c40 IVolunteerAsAuthor
10/23/2015 c39 IVolunteerAsAuthor
I'm team Aurora!
10/16/2015 c37 17rachelariella
Kinley is a fighter so i hope she can live through this, make it to the showdown and kick some ass, but I guess i will just have to wait and see. Great job on the chapter.

And if Kinley does win the games, i hope she gets some bad ass robot arm or something. Haha. Update soon.
10/13/2015 c36 rachelariella
I really hope that Kinley can get the upper hand and kill Aurora before she kills her. Great chapter. Update soon
10/7/2015 c35 Guest
youre so on top of things
9/25/2015 c34 4blangreck
RIP Jamie. Update soon!
9/3/2015 c33 blangreck
Wow that was worth the wait! The fight with Ripley vs Aquamarine and Adrian was epic! And Rio is proving himself as a strong tribute as well. Also, rip Abrianna and Levi. I'm not sure who will win yet.
8/10/2015 c32 blangreck
I'm so excited for this feast! I predict either Adrian or Levi will die. I just have a guy feeling, I don't know why. Anyway, great buildup in this chapter. RIP Eleni. Update soon!
7/21/2015 c29 blangreck
Dang RIP Ferro. Also Caius is screwed. He's got the whole career pack on his tail. Honestly now that they have split, the other tributes will have a shot at taking them down. Levi needs to toughen up otherwise he's going to kick the bucket. And I have no idea who Thaniel ran into. Update soon!
6/27/2015 c25 blangreck
Epic bloodbath! Dang this was good. Was not expecting some like Destiny to die, but like you said, duplicates have got to go. Was sad to see none of the Career pack died. Overall nice writing and sorry for the later review, just catching up!
6/27/2015 c28 blangreck
Dang things are heating up! I wonder what will happen if Levi and Ripley meet up again? Really Kinley? That's some foul play right there. Ripley better not pay for that. And RIP Cinder! Never really one of my favorites but the show must go on! Great writing so far, and update soon!
6/10/2015 c26 10nevergone4ever
beautiful rip solonor the snob
5/11/2015 c24 4blangreck
Wow really looking forward to the Games! I've been reading, sorry for not really reviewing. I love the tension that's being built up between Ripley, Destiny, and the careers. The bloodbath will be exciting! Also, the arena is Ohio State University? That's actually pretty cool. Can't wait to see what modifications the gamemakers have made. Update soon!
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