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8/31/2014 c14 4FallenAngelJace
OMG! That was really intense and shocking. I excepted Harry Potter to do something about Voldermort but still awsome! If they die, chris will get sued, just saying.
8/27/2014 c10 Laker Dragon
Deja's routine was cheesier than a stuffed cheeseburger! Brighton did a even more ratchet performance than 50 Cent's ceremonial pitch at Citi Field! Finally, Colin and Olivia made out like Scott Pilgrim with that one girl, whose name I forgot. Blainley needs to take a chill pill. Nice job!
8/27/2014 c9 Laker Dragon
Duncan's back, and he WAS looking for trouble with the law, again. Dakota is back to her young self, yet Blainleyzoid has an even uglier beef with Chris (pun intended). At the end of it all, Jordan has diabetes from those hot Cheetos. Keep it up!
8/27/2014 c8 Laker Dragon
Great cameo appearance from Owen! He hasn't broken his habit over food, yet. Did Blainley turn into a troll after those cookies she ate? Will Chris be able to burn that vomit all over his body? Nice job!
8/26/2014 c13 FallenAngelJace
Well, i want lyell to win due to his goodness in the past and i really hope that people like Scott, Jo, and other bitches like them would be burned.
8/25/2014 c12 FallenAngelJace
Finish this! I want Lyell to win so badly!
8/21/2014 c4 FallenAngelJace
oh jeez, that's tough but unexpected bout the team switch. nice twist.
8/21/2014 c2 FallenAngelJace
ok then. this is very interesting. keep up the good work
8/9/2014 c7 Laker Dragon
Nice job! Chris sounds like he was dressed up as a prince or something.
8/1/2014 c6 Laker Dragon
It's a shame Nora left knowing that her body knocked Brighton out cold as she was getting saved. Duncan and Courtney STILL have a scornfully active relationship, that always makes them both intimate with each other. lastly, I will perform a moment of silence, for the pie that Soochan blew up in Michael's face...signed out
7/19/2014 c5 Laker Dragon
I can't precisely recall what 'skills' Brianna has, but sarcasm might be one of them. on Colin's behalf, I didn't think Shamus was next to get flung out of TDK. It's not Soo-chan's fault about the sage, but it IS Macy's fault for not telling ANYONE about her allergens. too bad, so sad. Transmission Out!
7/19/2014 c4 Laker Dragon
I didn't expect Eva would FIT in any pink clothing of any style. It's also a shame for Colin and Olivia won't be together as a team; on the plus side, they'll still SEE each other in between challenges and all that jazz. While Brighton and Connor still have bitter rivalry, I could see Connor leaving first. This is Laker Dragon, signing off!
7/9/2014 c10 13Green and purple hero
Hey, I may read your story but I gotta know first, is malcahior island a teen titans reference?
6/26/2014 c2 Kappa
Oh my, what a crazy ending! For a second chapter, it's already getting crazy!
6/26/2014 c1 Kappa
There should be a more diverse set of characters. Otherwise, very descriptive!
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