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for A Frenzied Drum

6/11/2015 c1 Guest
That's excellent. You captured all the characters so well. And the plot is so well developed. It's the very story I wanted to see in the show, with Tom and Sybil fighting for Ireland's freedom. Of course, there had to be dangers and angst, and nice h/C in the end.
Well done !
2/3/2014 c1 18The Irish Chauffeur
I missed this. Absolutely splendid. The setting was absolutely perfect, the dialogue extremely well maintained, and the whole of the plot excellently done. Given what ensues, perhaps Edith is well out of it, although I expect Cousin Isobel would have been more than a match for either the British authorities or the Shinners! I can only hope, given Tom's injuries, that Sybil's typing proves better than her cooking!

1/2/2014 c1 27foojules
This is great. I love reading something where they stay in Ireland, even with the risks that go along with that. It’s also nice to see Sybil’s family come over for the christening, and the balance of the tension between Tom and the Crawleys and their (grudging) acceptance of her marriage is really nicely done.

And of course the peril! and angst! Tom getting arrested and beaten really ups the ante, as does the threat of Sybil being targeted. Nice historical detail (and Capt. Smiley cameo!).

I know you’re probably busy enough, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this continue...
12/30/2013 c1 repmetsyrrah
I LOVE this! Thank you so much, it's perfect!

I love that Tom wrote the letter announcing Sybbie's birth. I agree with Sybil that it might have helped smooth things over. I loved the 'Both your daughter and mine' :P

The little touches with Edith and Sir Anthony were lovely too. I enjoyed the meal at the hotel, Sybil's comment about doing 'more than think about it' made me laugh and I loved that neither her nor Tom made any excuses for their life in Dublin. Especially Sybil reminding her father Sybbie is a Branson and Tom reminding him he's a parent too now.

Even knowing the prompt I was still worried about Tom and I can't even imagine how Sybil must have felt. I think you captured her so well here, worried but determined. Scared for her husband but staying strong and doing whatever it took to find out what had happened to him.

I know you said you didn't get as much bromance in as you wanted but I loved what you showed and I loved Sybil and Matthew's friendship too. Matthew teaming up with Sybil to search was awesome, especially when Robert had told Sybil not to. Because I think Matthew knows that's not how it's happening and if he wants to help her he's best to actually help rather than keep her locked up like her father would want.

I loved how you worked in the fact most Tans were war veterans with the convalescent home at Downton and then actually using that as the way Sybil and Matthew were able to see Tom. And of course Tom was more worried about Sybil than himself. I loved how Matthew and Sybil both held him up and helped him, and I especially love how he wasn't at all ashamed of his state when Robert arrived.

Then Sybil nursing him... *falls over* This review is long enough already without me listing every line of that. Every line.

And their insistence on still having the Christening and Sybil's insistence on having him in the photos was brilliant. Especially her line about what they'd tell their daughter when she asked about it.

Then more Bransons, ugh, I love them so much and I adore how you write them. I said before, Sybil taking care of him is perfect but one thing I did love in particular was how casual she was about saying she needed the baby to feed and give her relief. Can you imagine any other Downton couple having that conversation? And she's going to write for him. *falls further over* (I also loved her middle name too, but I'm biased there as it's my first :P)

Then bromance on the dock :P Love it! And the last line to.

Ah, this was so perfect! Thank you so much!
12/29/2013 c1 skinnycat77
Fabulous piece and so well written. I love that they are in Ireland doing their part for Irish independence. You have written Tom and Sybil so well. I loved Sybil nursing Tom's wounds. Such love between the two of them. I can't ever get enough of that!
12/28/2013 c1 5mademoiselle.poupee
This is wonderful. Absolutely well written. See, THIS is what should have happened. The drama is maintained, but the Bransons remain in Ireland. No need for the useless slaughter in the show. This makes so much sense in canon and it's so absolutely perfect I just -.

Great job!
12/27/2013 c1 41shana.rose
This was fantastic! Loved the struggle and the conflict. My favorite scene was easily Tom and Sybil talking before bed though. So many emotions but in the end they are each other's strength.
12/25/2013 c1 Feminista 2012
WS-You rock! Great story and great framing of it with Yeats and actual haitorical events!
12/25/2013 c1 11Welsh mama
Not only do you capture Tom and Sybil's language and personality traits so well, but I thought you were spot on with Robert, Mary and Matthew as well. I'm glad that you portrayed Robert as having some sympathies towards The Irish cause and that he wasn't only trying to assist for Sybil's case. I've always found him boorish, hot tempered but ultimately a good man, although I know that others disagree.
Mary offering to help persuade Tom about his daughter's middle name, made me smile. She no doubt meant well, but it's quite typical of her impression that she can manipulate anything if she feels like it.
You obviously did a great deal of research and I do find this period of history so interesting. Such a terrifying place to live at that time, Sybil was really very brave to insist on staying.
Anyway, a lovely piece - I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to catching up on the rest of 'Home' shortly.
Happy Christmas!
12/24/2013 c1 40magfreak
I loved this! I can't imagine how scared Sybil must have been not knowing where he was, but despite the ongoing challenge of living in Dublin during this uncertain time, I love how steadfast she was in her support for him. Can't wait for the bit of bromance in Home!
12/24/2013 c1 smilingpepperonisgirl
Wonderful. Nice to see Robert do something right for once. Also loved the inclusion of Captain Smiley.
12/24/2013 c1 10dustedoffanoldie
I love stories like these. I must be sick and twisted, but a beaten up Tom Branson is so hot, especially when he has Sybil to look after him. I really enjoyed this :)
12/24/2013 c1 tammyteresa64
That was great. I love your writing.

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