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for Snow Day

10/13/2020 c1 smc-smfan1
loved it can U make a sequel for this story. PLEASE!
3/6/2019 c1 kawaiihinahime08
awww, so cute
11/21/2018 c1 bBlade4dead
In my head the title makes no sense since they first met in the snow
8/16/2018 c1 3gellophy
awwwweee FLUFF. i love fluff.
7/16/2018 c1 QueenDeadPool
Cute story
6/23/2017 c1 Reisbig2009
Great oneshot! You could amost continue from that making your own changes to the story.
5/1/2017 c1 1TheWateringWizard
That was fantastic! So fluffy and lovely! You did an amazing job, I assume your girlfriend also reads fanfiction? God she must be perfect
8/17/2016 c1 Elements1999
AWWWWWWWW! While NaruHina isn't one of my absolute favorite pairings, I don't exactly detest the ship either. This story was just adorable and fluffy and was a perfect story for the ship. Awesome story. I LOVE IT!
7/4/2016 c1 TheBreacher89
I was recommended to read True Potential by another author but I saw this on your profile and decided to give it a read first. Glad I did as it was a very sweet one shot. Really enjoyed reading it :)
12/6/2015 c1 1HangryLei
Aww, this was so cute. It was sudden how they just kissed after hanging out for one day, but it was cute. Now I wanna see snow though. Living on an island makes that pretty tough...-'''
11/15/2015 c1 1AnonnymA
Oh man.. That was awesome
5/25/2015 c1 6FlygonNick

ALL OF THE SHIP! This is adorable as hell. :D

3/7/2015 c1 11Galactic Fractals
One word. Cute.
11/29/2014 c1 10Narutothedevil.dnd
Aww so Cute. Good work. Keep it up. Have a nice day.
6/10/2014 c1 Catica
This story is absolutely adorable! I can completely understand how Hinata felt!. Snow is AMAZING! I love your story!:)
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