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4/3/2014 c12 Bad.kitten.kat
Just found your story and I must say it's phenomenal! Thanks for sharing your amazing writing with us!
4/2/2014 c8 Lauren
This is awesome! Can't wait for more chapters. Keep it up !
3/31/2014 c12 3Lady Gaidin
Fun. Harry seems a little over powered, but I like what you have done with the story so far. Keep up the good work. Hope inspiration and opportunity find you soon.
3/30/2014 c12 Guest
Thanks for the update. Great as usual!
3/28/2014 c1 aszurepon
Update please, preferably with a longer chapter. Love the story so far.
3/28/2014 c9 Guest
Why the fuck do you keep posting these short ass so called chapters? I mean 600 words each is not a damn chapter it is a waist of fucking time.
3/27/2014 c12 11Sliver of Melody
3/25/2014 c12 Elfin69
About time Kyra learned that Riddick is not hers. I loved how he was able to get Riddick and bite him like he was bitten. Cannot wait to see who all makes it to the ship.
3/20/2014 c12 goofymoon
Love the story! Maybe a possessive Riddick soon to come?
3/19/2014 c12 20exaigon
I can't wait for the next chapter!
3/19/2014 c11 5wolfydies
Update soon please
3/19/2014 c12 rell
keep up te good work. Enjoying this story
3/18/2014 c12 haza10411
awsome story
3/17/2014 c12 Shadow Eclipse
love you!
3/17/2014 c12 33Assassin of the Shadows
Was seriously disappointed there wasn't another chapter to read, hope you'll be updating this story soon- it's hot and action packed just how I like them!
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