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12/4/2019 c1 mattdombast
I loke its a master thing
6/1/2019 c12 debora300595
Wow fue genial! Me encanta tu historia. Espero que puedas continuarla pronto. Muchos besos
5/20/2019 c12 Guest
More? Yes and please
4/28/2019 c12 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

11/21/2018 c12 7Enishi-Haru
Great story, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Please don't abandon
9/6/2018 c12 Guest
As much as I would love to share my opinion of your fic, I'm not very good at putting my thoughts into words, so I can't really tell you what I think. The words just wouldn't sound right. Pfft, they don't even sound right now AS I'm writing them .So I'll just say, I'm looking forward to your next chapter and leave it at that.

P.S.I'm still not happy with the wording of this review, [or this post script(which is what P.S. stands for if you didn't know that already, though you probably did)] but if I took the time to make it sound right I'd be here all day. It's already been, almost half an hour, as it is.
8/19/2018 c12 Lady Kaiki
Awesome ! Plz, update soon !
7/31/2018 c12 17AkibasOmega
splendid so far
6/24/2018 c12 ed24555
Please update soon
5/3/2018 c1 5zealous soul
update soon
4/18/2018 c12 Guest
I don't understand why he said I can't tell you. He's his mate he should be able to share with him if no one else. But he could of just said he's messing with souls. Or something like that. I love that he saved some hellhounds. More chapters please
4/17/2018 c12 1cerezo.dulce11
Alguna vez a a seguir este fanfic? Está buenísimo espero lo puedas actualizar en un futuro cercano...
3/31/2018 c12 2acetwolf94
3/14/2018 c12 EllaJuroku
I was wondering, when is the next chapter coming out? Please let me know when it comes out, I would love to read it. I do hope you have not chosen to discontinue the story, because it is a great story to read. If you do discontinue the story please let me know so I can remove it from my favorites.

Thank You for taking the time to read this message. This is a great story to read & I love reading it so much! Feel free to check out my Wattpad Account! My Pen name is EllaJuroku.
You can also find me on Gaia Online, username Ella Juroku!
️Ella Juroku️
12/13/2017 c12 Lumene
Oh,come on why are you stopping here! I want to see equal, switching top/bottom relationship... They're rare as hell. Harry has yet to top!
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