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6/15/2017 c1 1dragonic raptor
Oh yummy. :D read all 12 chapters...i like it and hope you will continue. Will you at least be showing the scene where riddick finally has enough trust in Harry to submit to some steamy goodness? Please let me know.
5/3/2017 c12 PsychoJordan
Why, why, why! Why when ever I find a Riddick x Harry Potter their never finished.! Plz tell me you plan to finish this.!
4/22/2017 c12 BoondockSaints01
This is one of my hands down favorite riddick stories, its amazing, i had never really thought about a riddick crossover with harry potter or any other really but this is really good, very well written and it catches your attention. Ive read this atleast 10 times sense i found it or should i say stumbled across it but its really really good. So thanks for writing this piece and for all the updates and such :)
4/1/2017 c2 dogsby
Loved the last line, lol.
3/13/2017 c1 Mirage
nice Story, Harry has a bit to much power to be fair for riddick on the Long run and how can they be on the same step when one cant die but the other can and has no magic...
i so hope you come back one day to finish this story
3/6/2017 c12 Guest
Love this wish you'd finish it
2/7/2017 c2 SuperFic
there is no dominance games. normally Riddic may be alpha but to an ancient immortal being he is only an child. Master of Death is always the alpha.
story is very good in quality and enjoyable, but it is pointless to incline harry is submissive. no person who has experienced Harry's life cannot be docile and submissive
12/29/2016 c7 Guest
I never liked kyra either. I thought young her made insanely bad Darwin Award worthy choices after riddik saved her. And I completely agree with your view on her adulthood attitude.
11/20/2016 c12 reptoholic
Enjoyed the story so far
11/20/2016 c11 reptoholic
Good story so far, but I wonder if they both will be doms?
11/20/2016 c10 reptoholic
OOH, she dead
11/20/2016 c9 reptoholic
...While I like the plot, he could have easily ripped the door open and gone through the tunnels
11/20/2016 c8 reptoholic
Keep it up!
11/20/2016 c7 reptoholic
Wow, that was good.
11/20/2016 c6 reptoholic
keep up the good work.
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