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11/20/2016 c5 reptoholic
keep it up
11/20/2016 c4 reptoholic
Keep it up
11/20/2016 c3 reptoholic
Wow, interesting
11/20/2016 c2 reptoholic
Fucking awesome.
11/20/2016 c1 reptoholic
HAHAHAHAA! Master thing?! lol
11/1/2016 c12 mattierae
Death is such a fan of xP
8/28/2016 c12 Guest
*cackles maniacally*
8/28/2016 c7 Guest
Kyra/Jack's not so bad as a sidekick, if she's aware that's what she is and doesn't try to fight out of it except by leaving entirely- Riddick might have a touch of affection for her, but there's a /reason/ no one else can match the Alpha Furyan for long.
8/28/2016 c5 Guest
*cackles in delight* I suspect Death had a hand in Riddick being able to see him now. It /was/ considering him earlier... XD
8/28/2016 c3 Guest
*snickers and cackles*
8/18/2016 c12 KattyKitty
Riddick is my favourite character and he goes well with harry. I hope you update soon.
8/16/2016 c12 kt187
I love this story!

Please update soon!
3/9/2016 c12 ThePinkJirachi
No updates for Shadow? (crying emoji)
2/29/2016 c12 Zaliya Lily
i hope u continue i can't wait to see where this is going
2/26/2016 c12 3PaleAngel90
Not bad, though I dont see Riddick as a bottom, still I cant wait to read more, please update soon. :)
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