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9/21 c58 Crimson Riot 01
E encanta este fic
9/17 c58 6Spedyalarm
Okay, now Naruto's GOTTA GO BACK!
9/17 c52 Spedyalarm
does she wear panties or not?
9/17 c48 Spedyalarm
9/17 c45 Spedyalarm
Naruto x Yasaka!
Also, I'm pretty sure Kurama would dwarf Yasaka but whatever
9/16 c44 gmhribrahimsoleh89
Based on all your plotlines. It is safe to say you are an anti-hero writer.
9/14 c58 Guest
to long befor bringing him back so im out of here
9/14 c58 codywhite162
No no no you cannot give us that glimpse and do nothing with it. Issei's power of breasts was capable of reaching the lovely ladies in the elemental nations so that must mean the dimensions are connected. Ophis can probably travel there I want Naruto to at least visit in person to talk to everyone and let them know what has happened while he was away. I digress though, definitely excited for what comes next. Again please don't make that the last time we see the girls of the elemental nations again
9/14 c58 ivan0061509
I finaly caught up !
Its been forever since i could read this story
Its still amazing !
9/13 c25 Spedyalarm
Kuroka hates Naruto?
I don't want that to happen.
9/13 c22 Spedyalarm
I think that Kurama dwarfs Albion in the least.
That, and at least you aren't nerfing things like Kurama Mode or Six Paths Sage.
9/12 c18 Spedyalarm
9/12 c15 Spedyalarm
Is it wrong to hope that Naruto loses the sacred gear?
I mean...
Is it wrong?
9/12 c58 1Darkdoom III
Aw man. Such a sad chapter. Seeing so many people grieving makes me sad. Especially Hinata, Sakura, Kakashi and Tsunade. I think that you should let him travel between the worlds with help from great red. They deserve to know the truth about what happened to sasuke and him. I had hoped that either hinata or kakashi would be able to see him with their respective dojutsu.

Or maybe you can even use someone like Orochimaru to bring him back. Orochimaru should be able to use edo tensei to try and bring him back, which would fail because he is still alive. They should be able to conclude that he is still out there. And maybe with some detective work come up with the theory that naruto is trapped in another dimension, or universe. Or even better. What if he tries to revive Sasuke? His fascination for him is downright creepy. If he got some cells from sasuke, and I assume he does since he trained him for 3 years, he should be able to learn what happened until he got killed.

With the information he could easily come up with some theory where naruto is and start a research project to try and bring him back.

With your AN I can say it feels very unsatisfying to know that none of this is going to happen. I like happy endings, light fluff and ecchi stuff. I hope you reconsider your decision to end it like that.
9/12 c58 sawtooth44
dam it naruto, why dident you try tapping people on the shoulder or try a jutsu
the tapping should have worked, did with jiraiya
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