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4/15 c31 2hupedia
Wow, you must love Boruto with how washed Naruto is in this.
4/15 c22 2hupedia
Yeah no, this fight was ass.
I know you want to make Naruto face hardship but not using Karuma's chakra in this fight was beyond stupid.
There was no reason for him not to do it, they kept going 'Oh he doesn't have the raw power Issei does' bull fucking shit, a tailed beast ball would turn that entire city into glass and Naruto can use a lot of them, not even getting into the other crap he throws around.
Really once he turned it up to 11 he should've beat Vali like a redheaded stepchild.
4/15 c20 2hupedia
I feel like Kuruma could take him though, not Ophis or Red those'd demolish him but Ddraig? Definitely.
4/15 c18 2hupedia
Christ, I jumped in shock with Naruto lmao.
I kinda read the line of him talking and went "Huh..."
"Wait WHAT!"
4/15 c17 2hupedia
I do wonder why he doesn't make use of his connections to find a cure for his issues.
Sure, he doesn't have much resources but he can tell Rias who can tell her brother who can tell the other Satans one being one of the smartest people alive.
And just idk, it'd get the ball rolling at least.
4/15 c14 2hupedia
You know, he kinda wasted his gear.
A surprise attack only really works once, you'd think a ninja would use it to idk, make a lethal blow instead of punching a guy.
4/15 c11 2hupedia
My guy, for a person who wants peace you sure are quick to break the ceasefire going on.
4/15 c5 2hupedia
Hmm, no chakra, but experienced a war, still has his training but clearly isn't superhuman anymore... no Kuruma... I guess he pulled some bullshit that got him thrown to another world and it burned out his chakra coils.
Would explain why he's so bitter about it all
4/15 c1 2hupedia
That... was a really dumb intro...
Well besides the MC becomes a devil cliche, any Naruto older then 12 should've been paying attention.
4/14 c62 1ReallyZero
God damn cliff hanger
4/13 c24 fuunu
Naruto don't give her bad advice, she a devil not a prudish human anymore, especially not a prudish America. Japanese are far less prude then Americans.
4/12 c62 TWANW
Kurama's human form reminds me of Guy Crimson are you doing a Crimson reference? Don't mention Ken and Barbies. Also. It would seem things are speeding up awfully quick. Naruto was just brought back from the dead as well as Issei and defeated Cao Cao (Naruto) and Minato (Issei) and ended the Demonic beast Riot. And before our cast has a chance to wind down. We're jumping to the next Arc? I was under the impression our cast had been through A LOT these past few chapters even by DxD standards

Naruto had just freed the rest of the Bijuu and we have yet to see the reactions besides (Matatabi, Isobu, Kokou) of being in to txt world and controlled by the enemy.

It just seems like the jump from point A (they are free) to point B (The scene with them as humans)

And we have yet to see the reactions of Naruto's harem finally sleeping together. (With him)

I also went to know the pov thoughts of Xenovia and Koneko finally having sex with Naruto And what their experience meant to them and how their views and relationship with Naruto have developed or changed as a result to finally consummating with him.

Maybe I missed it. But it really seem like the scenario was "We had sex it some. Next.,"

The sex things are fun. But the lack of POV with Xenovia and Koneko makes the development hollow. Same thing with Naruto and Rias. Rias has been preparing herself to share Naruto because she knew it was coming, But now the threshold has been crossed. What are her thoughts of Naruto being sexually intimated with other women?

What are Naruto thoughts? The threshold has been crossed. He's just taking it in stride?

It didn't have to be doubt or dramatic. Just a reflection" wow. It's not just for Rias and me anymore."

I mean the rest of the cast did not have to have an overblown traumatic reaction. But that's it? They just accept it?

As for Remote Looper. Yeah. With Naruto's power back, the only thing that remains useful is the x10 stuff.

These last few chapters including the consummation of the relationship of Naruto and his harem, things are moving and awfully fast from point A to point B to point c.

That's just my opinion.

I'm not a writer so maybe I'm asking for too much. So all I have is my opinion. Do with it what you will.

See you next time.
4/9 c16 Lord Leraje
KibaBrain completely malfuctions*
4/9 c62 ghostFLIN
Holy moly, update this story soon pls
4/9 c22 fuunu
love how vali commented that Naruto was lacking the sheer destructive force. Would love to see his reaction to say with a few tails sticking out or his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.
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