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8/11 c27 1Arkisenn
This was honestly one of the most fun chapters I've read. It may seem like filler, but it built up Miyamoto's character and brought us back to the start of the story. It gave closure to Naruto's origins and now allows Naruto to move forward without this holding him back. It was heartwarming and a great bit of team building.
8/10 c50 2ANUBIS the god king
i was wondering what the full pairing will be if its ok to ask
8/10 c50 Caballero del abimos
Amazing Naruto VS sairaorg fight I can't wait to see what comes next and I also want to see how you laugh ara to reach that level of power
8/7 c50 EmeraldRaidenKyo
as someone who clicked on this story by accident, and have seen or know very little of dxd this story is fantastic. since I've open this story I've binged all 50 chapters I'm excited for more bit also sad now that I've reached the end(for now). This is a masterful and ultimate example of a crossover. thank you for giving me a funny, action packed, heartfelt story(along with those amazing lemons) in a dark point in my life where I can escape to.
8/6 c50 6dragon145
I loved this battle. Was surprised you did a Rias and Naruto tag battle here instead of having Naruto face Sairaorg alone. But then again, Sairaorg had Regulas Nema with him, and Naruto doesn't have a super powerful armor to let him endure Sairaorg's punches.

It was great to see Rias get some more growth this battle, and even a bit of understanding what its like to recieve wounds. I don't really recall her getting injured in the LN. Not to say that it didn't happen.

Was hilarious that Rias kinda wasted half the Pheonix Tear, but it was such a cute moment as well. So sweet! Am such a fan of how well you are doing Naruto and Rias's relationship. I also like how in character you have Sairaorg. It feels almost like I'm reading the LN when you write him. But it also feels that way with a lot of the DxD charactes you've written.

Can't wait to see how Naruto's fight will inspire his rivals/enemies.

And that little bit with Vali's Divine Dividing wings popping out was such a great joke!
8/6 c49 dragon145
Great chapter. The battles were nice. Each character got to display some growth and skill. Though the end result is the same as what happened in the LN. Still, am glad you decided to have Naruto be the one to fight Sairaorg at the end. Was a bit afraid you'd do something like have Naruto and Issei team fight him.

Thanks for the chapter!
8/4 c50 4Drax152
God I love Sairaorg.
8/3 c48 Drax152
8/3 c48 Drax152
This chapter hits me right in the feels like Will slapped Chris. Damn.
8/3 c32 Me
I knew there was a reason I fell away from this story. Your a piss poor fucking author who perpetually teases your audience so much you pisses them off and makes them hate you. It you were a half way decent author you'd have Naruto kill Issei and Azazel for all the bullshit they put him through and all the interruptions. But I suspect you'll continue to be a fucking useless author and tease your dwindling audience into oblivion.
8/3 c31 CH1CO
Is it just me or is naruto much more immature in this chapter?
8/2 c32 Drax152
My assumption is that the scene where Naruto and Rias finally fuck is going to be a glorious chapter. Because otherwise, the blueballing is torture.
8/2 c28 Drax152
LMAOO Koneko is hilarious.
8/2 c22 Me
Vali would be dead if you just had Naruto pump sage chakra into him. Turn Vali into stone.
8/2 c16 Drax152
Naruto. exe has crashed. Rebooting...
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