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7/2 c49 pitbull4567
What an amazing chapter so much detail
7/2 c49 Guest
Why was there only one Sharingan Eye in the vial?
7/2 c49 Guest
Which Biju flesh is Cao Cao grafting onto himself?
Wow Indra stole his eyes from him? What a douchebag
7/2 c49 8Quathis
Nice fight descriptions and how they all interact. Looking forward to the finals here. Until next time.
7/2 c49 Golden Wind God
50th chapter is coming and it is a big one.
make naruto learn hiraishin because i still think naruto in this fic is nerfed . i love this story , im just expressing my thoughts
7/2 c49 Guest
Great chapter can't wait to see more
7/2 c48 Guest
Saskue is here?!
7/2 c49 4Monster King
6/30 c38 apologeticallyme
I know it's just banter between Issei and Naruto but it's been insinuated so many times I felt the need to ask: where did you get the idea that Naruto is 'ugly'? It has never been mentioned IIRC and in that filler movie with that priest girl they added a scene just to show how beautiful he is. Even logically it is almost impossible for him to not be good-looking if you take one look at his parents. If it was Boruto era Naruto then yeah, mans is clapped but Shippuden Naruto is easily top 10 in his series. And Issei is one to talk shit about him? Really? Fucking lame ass brown eyed triangle face with that yee-yee ass haircut.

Also wtf is Naruto doing in Issei's mindscape? And he doesn't even know? Also why can't Naruto access his higher modes using Golden Hour revival? And the Chichigami is still a mystery? The ORC seem to have just forgotten about it...

Few things bugged me but this fic is perfectly balanced between light-hearted and action-heavy scenes. Also you are an amazing writer and this is my favourite DxD crossover. I really dislike the type of fics that just have Naruto be OP from the start and he just solos every enemy. Your approach of gradually giving him his powers back is much better I think.
6/28 c6 Monkey King Omega
hey fell that's fast pathetic
6/28 c6 Monkey King Omega
they went on one date?
6/27 c36 apologeticallyme
I see what you did there with the "puny god". We love a good MCU ref.

BTW if he can go back to his most powerful modes with Balance breaker why didn't he use KCM2 or Six paths?
6/24 c22 apologeticallyme
I get that the author wants Naruto to grind his way to power but my gripe is that Naruto has ALREADY done that in his own world in 700 fucking chapters. He is already a well fleshed out character (way better than DxD characters might I add) with his own struggles, highs and lows, and this is the post war Naruto so I think it could be better if he reflects on what he already faced and the story doesn't completely disregard EVERYTHING that happened in the Narutoverse. He could reminisce a little about Jiraya, Iruka and others instead of being all peachy and just casually hanging out with the peerage. You'd expect him to be a little more depressed considering everything and everyone he once loved was taken from him. And I'm not really complaining about his power level and I'm okay with him gradually regaining his powers but not gonna lie, it kinda irks me that Naruto who is basically a God in his verse, has to rely on a fucking Artificial Sacred Gear -_- and STILL lose to some guy in a Power Rangers Dino Thunder Megazord looking shit.
6/23 c18 apologeticallyme
Me (read in Bruce Banner Infinity War): You guys are so screwed now!
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