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for New Devil of The Gremory House

11/28/2023 c1 Boring
It’s rather boring
11/27/2023 c59 Guest
Esta bueno XFA sigue subiendo son los mejores de este tipo que e leído
11/27/2023 c12 segwayjon99
11/24/2023 c59 RaidenKyo
...btw if youre planning to kill cao cao is naruto gonna obtain the true longius and either have that sub balance breaker or a new one? cause im guessing youre gonna have kurama bond with rias. and besides so6p mode u gotta have another ace for naruto maybe? i also find it funny that naruto dies to the spear then rises back i assume 3 days later. messiah balance breaker maybe or maybe something close to asura's wrath
11/23/2023 c59 Julyus27
jajajaj daiblos jajaj estaba esperando por esto y estuvo muy bueno, aunque la verdad esperaba nose un naruto six paths o usar una gudoudama pero no estuvo mal falta la batalla final contra caocao y el regreso del cuerpo de kurama espero una proxima actualizacion con ansias
11/21/2023 c59 ghostFLIN
Continue soon pls, excellent chapter, and good job
11/20/2023 c1 djtdagreat
A cliffhanger I can't wait for the next one
11/20/2023 c59 Wheattus
Between Naruto just missing Kurama and the cliff hanger between him and the 2 heroes, I feel so fucking blue balled right now I have to reread the whole story again just to get my fix. Great chapter, my man. Can’t wait fir the next one.
11/20/2023 c59 1Aruto-kun
11/20/2023 c59 Elchabon
Thank you very much for the update.
A magnificent and spectacular chapter.
Wonderful fights.
Oh, it seems that a certain kitten, despite what she says, also wants some Naruto.
Hahaha, it's always fun to see how Issei and his perversion surprise us.
I tremble with excitement and mixed feelings for the beautiful ending that you left prepared for the delight of what is to come.
Once again, thank you for making this story.
11/19/2023 c10 segwayjon99
love how issei pawned the she man off on naruto
11/19/2023 c1 santoscristianadonay
Lo que se viene
11/19/2023 c59 Guest
I don’t really give a shit about Issei.
11/19/2023 c59 angrypotatoe
good chapter, I still wonder where Sasuke is lol, I hope you don't leave Cao Cao alive, it would be very Naruto of you xD
11/19/2023 c1 RaidenKyo
i see the bots are in full force today... between that "friend naruto" guy and the wiki guy idk man if they are real they need to go outside and socialize jesus they're on every fucking story. also again just ignore the haters man youre doing incredible. the only downside to this story is now that i caught up, the waiting between chapters is painful. but i know you gotta let the creative juices flow and not force it plus you have other stories and an actual life. please just dont give up on this story lol
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