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5/1 c7 Trife
Ah, so that's what happened. You nerfed Naruto into the ground, that makes this much less interesting. I was hoping it was just him holding back for some stupid reason or just an OC that you made after Naruto. This is worse but hopefully it will get better.
5/1 c1 Trife
Naruto only took 1 with all the power he has? That's honestly a surprise
4/28 c1 Guest
Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon
4/27 c15 FanFictionman43
You lost me here.
4/27 c48 Guest
Me conmovió Sairloarg junto con su Madre, espero que también pueda despertar como lo hizo en el cannon.
No me esperaba la aparición de Sasuke junto con...
Pero me estoy poniendo nervioso, si no me falla la memoria en esta historia Naruto y Sasuke no tuvieron su batalla final por decidir quién sería Hokage. Eso significa que Sasuke aún planea seguir con la voluntad de "Indra"?
4/26 c48 8Quathis
Well, that took an odd turn. Good for Naruto to talk more about his past. Especially when apparently someone from his old world came to visit, maybe Sasuke? and/or one of the villains. Good mystery there, you've got me wondering who is there. Looking forward to the reveal. And the fight, that should be awesome as well. Until next time.
4/24 c48 Spellbat
So there is another man from the Elemental Nations here, and for some reason, he is with Indra. And he knows that Naruto is the transmutation of Asura. And that the crow-turned crab was someone who both Naruto and the man had to fight against to win... Is that Sasuke and Madara?
4/22 c48 midnightscar17
4/20 c48 6dragon145
This chapter was very touching. Sairaorg got to spend some invaluable time with his mother and received a measure of closure, something many people in this world, unfortunately, don't get.

I respect Misla's wish to not want to be constantly reverted back in time and her desire to face the reality of the situation. Was great to draw a parallel to the Eye of the Moon plan.

Naruto's realization that his offer was drawing similarities to Madara's plan was also good. His intention was pure, but as they say, good intentions and the roads they pave.

That bit with Sasuke at the end was quite the twist. Can't wait to see Naruto and him reunite. Also hope Sasuke calls the rest of Rias' peerage stupid for not believing Naruto when he told them his story about his own world and how he ended up in their world.

Am fully expecting Naruto to punch Sasuke's lights out for not contacting him sooner unless Sasuke has a very good explanation for why he never contacted Naruto. Although considering it's Sasuke, he probably does. And considering it's Naruto, he'll punch Sasuke anyways.
4/20 c47 dragon145
Sorry for not reviewing this chapter sooner. Once I saw ch. 48 release, I realized I needed to get my but into gear and review ch. 47.

I found it hilarious that Koneko's major issue with Ravel is just one of birds and cats not getting along. It's so petty and I love it. Xenovia's bluntness throughout the chapter is a constant source of amusement. The girl knows what she wants and isn't afraid of stating it.

The interview was great, and Sairaorg's willingness to forefit if Naruto couldn't participate was such an in-character moment for him. He'd never accept a victory if Rias's Peerage wasn't at full strength

I enjoy the development you've had for Rias and how you showcase her own struggles. Just because she didn't have a traumatic childhood like most of her peerage doesn't mean she doesn't have her own problems and insecurities. And your exploration of them helps her grow as a character. Also love how you write the relationships between characters.

Gonna jump on the bandwagon and say I also wish you'd pair Akeno up with Naruto. I assume you have your own reasons and goals for why you haven't, but I still think it'd be great. Akeno loves to poke at Naruto, and I could totally see this transition to her SM fetish in the bedroom.

That bit with the Naruto run at the end was hilarious.
4/19 c48 3kyizinmaung2002
OMG Sasuke!
4/19 c48 9Emrys Akayuki

Great chapter!
4/18 c48 2Navori
Bueno fue una buena historia hasta este capítulo, Sasuke en DXD el personaje que más odio de todo Naruto.

Dropeo está historia.
4/17 c48 Guest
Sasuke huh? I’m really trying to see naruto get with akeno
4/17 c48 Lordgoth
Gross, Sasuke!
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