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4/17 c48 Lordgoth
Gross, Sasuke!
4/17 c48 Guest
That was good, but could you make it a little more erotic. It makes it a lot more funny when it is. Also could you add Akeno to Naruto’s harem.
4/17 c23 midnightscar17
When does hegetthe biju back
4/17 c19 midnightscar17
Noooo the biju
4/17 c48 whyisusernamehard
m just thinking since Sasuke did land the finishing blow on Madara could he get a karma I know Madara is not an otsutsuki but it would be pretty cool and this would just give Sasuke an advantage over Naruto and would force Naruto to grow more stronger as a result
4/17 c48 Mercwthamouth92
oh! and Sasuke, Madara, and the Real World(or DxD-verse variant) indra! let's roll!
4/17 c48 kankuro236
God damnit, of course Sasuke had to get pulled in. Even though there’s a wealth of DxD characters, of course Sasuke is here. Gonna be honest, not a fan of that but you do you. I’m willing to see where you take it even if I’m not a fan at all.
4/17 c48 1Darkdoom III
Oh my. Sasuke and zetzu are alive. I don’t think madara or obito would react like this to seeing naruto while they are transformed in a crow. They are more logic driven people who wouldn’t risk being discovered by drawing attention to their group. But I hope that naruto gets to meet his friend soon, aswell as making Yasaka a Part of his harem. I hope you update soon and have a happy Easter.
4/17 c48 CyrusWolfricFaust81194
4/17 c48 whyisusernamehard
Sasukeeeeee let's gooooo
gonna be waiting for 2 months though but it will be worth it
4/17 c48 NaruCrazy
Sasuke and Madara as a crab...
4/17 c48 2Tech Jammer
Ayyy! Sasuke's alive knew the bastard aint dead! Wonder whats his deal now that he ddint even try to link back Naruto.

Excellent chapter as always! Looking forward to the next one.
4/16 c48 17Ignisha
And was that Madara or Obito? Or wait, maybe Zetsu? Gah, hard to tell.

Can't wait to see the fight between Rias and Sairaorg!
4/16 c48 Arashi Uzukaze
Sasuke is in the world too eh? Interesting.
4/16 c48 Guest
I've loved and followed this story since you first posted it but if you're going to go ahead and pair Yasaka with Issei then unfortunately this is where I'll be dropping the story.
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