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for New Devil of The Gremory House

3/6 c47 VxgonlaX
Hey Guest, you do know DxD characters had powers to destroy Countries and Continents by like Volume 23, right? Maybe brush up on your DxD knowledge instead.
3/5 c47 Guest
your tendency to nerf and make Naruto actually dumb is starting to annoy me tbh. Brush up on your Naruto knowledge before starting to nerf him. This is Post War Naruto. He actually has some serious feats compared to overhyped DxD characters without any accomplishments, but hey whatever floats your boat.
3/5 c22 Guest
I suppose i get the author where he points out that naruto shouldn't be THAT strong since he is in a different universe and all but were talking about post-war naruto here so it just doesn't sit well with me, combat exp naruto has it higher than any of the generation of issei's since naruto lived in a world of war and participated in it and became a game changer
3/4 c47 codywhite162
I loved this chapter so much! First that scene with Naruto and Shukaku reminded me of the scene in Men in Black where Kay was shaking the pug threatening it while bystanders watched in horror it was hilarious. I'm not sure if that was intentional but that was good writing and a humorous scene. Next that moment between Rias and Naruto was sweet and I can't wait to see more like them. I am curious if you are going to make Rias the Neo jinchuriki of the other half of Kurama when you get around to writing that part. To me it would be symbolic as Kushina was Kurama's Jinchuriki before Naruto and of course both are red heads. Another thing I am curious about is if Rossweisse is going to be apart of Naruto's harem since you wrote that daydreaming scene in Kyoto. I wouldn't mind it as I really like Koneko, Xenovia, and Rossweisse's characters so having them pair up with Naruto would be interesting to see. I digress though excellent chapter as usual and I am excited to read what happens next in the rating game against Sairaorg.
2/28 c47 SPark681
Hmm, seems the team is getting ready I wonder how they'll do anyways keep up the great work!
2/28 c4 Akashi1412
Characterization for Naruto seems strange. He act like a hardass but completely chickened out just seeing someone act Sadistic
2/27 c4 1AvidReader2425
Interesting story but not really my cup of tea, hopefully plenty others we’ll have a very fun time reading it though
2/27 c3 AvidReader2425
Thanks for the chapter
2/27 c2 AvidReader2425
Thanks for the chapter, though I really wouldn’t mind it if Issie kicked the bucket for real, I really don’t like his character in the anime lol
2/27 c1 AvidReader2425
Interesting start to the story
2/27 c47 Guest
Really hope ravel like Naruto and not issei
2/27 c47 ghostFLIN
Jajaja excellent chapter bro amazing and funny, continue soon with the next chapter
2/27 c46 Mr.X Gonna Give it to you
Do you plan on doing anything with the Otsutsuki clan?
2/27 c47 1NNathann
Love this story! One of my top ten favorite fics! Can’t wait for more!
2/26 c47 Golden Wind God
loved the omake. naruo run hahhahaha nice. cnat wait for the fight
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