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for New Devil of The Gremory House

2/26 c47 Golden Wind God
loved the omake. naruo run hahhahaha nice. cnat wait for the fight
2/26 c47 Spellbat
And now the world knows the Naruto running. All they need to do now is to go to Area 51 and find the aliens.
2/26 c47 9Emrys Akayuki
Once again, another amazing chapter for one of the best fics and definitely the best dxd/Naruto fic on this site!

I wonder how specifically accurate his revival is now, two moments in particular I'd like to see, they rhyme with shminato and shmushina. Oh, and six paths sage mode, but maybe that needs Haragoromo (Haragomo?) to be there, idk.

Also, I've been wondering if the reaper death seal is gonna be anything, I mean, I doubt it, but hades does come up later... I think, not actually too versed on the dxd story beyond this point... Lol.

Great chapter, great story!
2/26 c47 1Mr. Haze
Ain’t gonna lie, having the biju help the peerage is a whole powercreep for the Devil race in rating games…but I do like the resolve Rias sees in herself from the power of Naruto to herself. Sure training wouldn’t bring her to his level ever, but that doesn’t mean she’ll learn and grow in her own ways.
What I’m trying to say, Naruto solos the DxD world
2/26 c47 Reader
The Naruto run acknowledgement was hilarious
Good chapter overall
2/26 c47 MarTinez9
Great chapter can't wait for the next one.
Also can you please let Akeno be in Naruto's harem they work so great together. They are going to have so much angry sex and makeup sex that you it's not even funny.
2/26 c47 SPECTRAL A
Buen cap
2/26 c47 3JuanKui
That omake though. Great seeing this again and glad to know Naruto was there to help Rias stop her self-doubt. Genuinely surprised Naruto is allowed to participate but I do think that was something Sairaorg would do.
2/26 c47 2hflp
So glad to have another chapter. Like usual, it is pure gold. Reads just like an episode of High School DxD would play. Keep up the good work and thank you.
2/26 c47 8Quathis
Good bonding moments, if antagonistic between Ravel and Koneko. Rias getting inspired to train is good and I can appreciate her peerage teasing her about extra time with Naruto, though missed opportunity for Koneko to ask for additional training. You know, classic helpful Naruto misunderstanding request from a girl who likes him. Until next time.
2/26 c47 1CarLost
The chapter was great and I love Rias’ character growth, but that Omake stole the show xD Naruto Running! I’m deadddd ahahaha
2/26 c47 Mr.X Gonna Give it to you
I'm just waiting for the day when the gedo statue is discovered and Kurama tells everyone about the 10 tails.
2/26 c47 Maelstrom Resurrected
Great chapter as always! Still wondering about the Naruto and Akeno relationship status considering what I just read, but it's great nontheless!
And that development with Sairaorg and Rias was interesting. Sairaorg cause he made a good point about the speech he made. And Rias cause she wants to get stronger.
Really hoping that Kurama gets his body back, becomes small like the rest of the Bijū, and give Rias his powers! Akeno will probably get Gyūki for a tentacle play to add for her S&M!
I have a feeling that by the end of this arc, you'll put some twist into it that's Naruto related. Hopefully that involves what landed in this world besides Naruto and the Bijūs. But that's just a speculated idea. I'll probably tell you when I PM you about the idea.
2/26 c47 44Wacko12
Are we going to see Hagoromo?
2/26 c47 4Monster King
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