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for New Devil of The Gremory House

4/9 c62 ghostFLIN
Holy moly, update this story soon pls
4/9 c22 fuunu
love how vali commented that Naruto was lacking the sheer destructive force. Would love to see his reaction to say with a few tails sticking out or his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.
4/9 c62 4Monster King
Incredible job please continue the story
4/9 c62 1Aruto-kun
Interesting, isn't Minato's chakra running out when repairing the broken Kyuubi seal? If Minato's chakra from long before Naruto met Kushina is still there, it doesn't rule out the possibility that Kushina's chakra is still there and a family reunion will occur. maybe in the future the two of them will meet their future daughter-in-law (Rias).
4/9 c62 Guest
Daaaamn what a cliff hanger! Can't wait for the next chapter
4/8 c62 knightmaremage
my man fr dropped a bombshell, ends it with a cliffhanger , refuses to ela
4/8 c62 facepocker01
I loved the chapter, especially how all the bijus meet in humanoid form, as well as their interaction with the ORC, a good point that I also liked was that Rias became associated with Kurama and had a boost of power. I have to say that Minato's part surprised me, I thought that when he touched the seal that held Kurama, maybe something related to the shinigami would take place in the Sacread Agear within Naruto, but let's wait and see how it develops.
4/8 c8 Guest
Quite honestly disappointing your version of Naruto needing senjutsu for Riser
4/7 c62 4hallowmask123
This actually a really good way to use his sacred gear to be able to learn from his father and mother
4/7 c62 7Spedyalarm
4/7 c62 darkangelflame
oh shit didnt see that coming
4/7 c62 Aqua-Sensei
Okay, I was not expecting the Bijuu getting human forms, but I'm actually a pretty big fan of the idea! It's also nice to see Rias getting a power boost so she won't just be on the sidelines. And that ending? Fantastic and unexpected! Really looking forward to the next chapter, keep up the great work!
4/7 c62 DarkReaderSeiin
Dios mío no me la esperaba. Yendo por partes, me siento muy mal por issei, ojalá pronto se controle. Y pensé que el sacerdote gear ya no funcionaria que bien que buscaste algo para ello. Y lo de minato lo llegué a pensar pero no esperaba que pasara en dado caso es igual con kushina. Pero es curioso que no recuerde nada, supongo que agarraste al de esa línea del tiempo y no al minato actual. Da mucha curiosidad como pasará todo con esa relación.
4/7 c62 6PeezyNguyen23
Can we ad Akeno in the pairing ?
4/7 c62 4MickDunD
Ok I did not see that one coming. Great chapter!
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