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6/6 c19 Guest
i love how akeno just HATES naruto lol maybe not hate but jumps to make fun of him in any opportunity.
6/6 c9 Mattroxursoul
I liked it but how would he balance nature chakra without his own system. You have to perfectly balance it otherwise it either does not work or yiu transform to a toad statue
6/6 c7 Mattroxursoul
Too bad Naruto is unfamiliar with this world and had never been to the USA. He could have gotten a giant boom box and played Christian rock with headphones on. That would have to do 10x damage to devils. Cause it hurts me physically and I am not a devil.
6/3 c48 Guest
Keep reading he gets them back and then some.
6/3 c5 Mattroxursoul
Honestly does not feel like Naruto or even a. Character from Naruto world. Has he no skills left from previous world?
5/25 c48 Guest
One thing I may have missed in the series (correct me if I’m wrong) is that Naruto was never given time to go through the grieving process because of everything that was happening so I would love to see Azazel or someone who knows what he went through to tell him to just let it all out.
5/18 c23 thegrison
It is an ok story overall however parts of it are kinda stupid. Chakra networks would heal back as any other area of the body. Naruto would heal back quickly and no the gap does not have other energys but it takes away enrgy and life force. A few other errors but writers choice on those things. Just hurts the story though.
5/8 c48 Ace805
I’m going to guess sasuke was sent to a dxd universe afterlife after he died and that’s why he’s here
5/5 c18 1LordZarcon
Oooh shit~
5/5 c13 LordZarcon
Wait, so I'm guessing the person who kicked him out of the gap was ophis. So either canon as changed and she has not been kicked out/left to find help to kick red out or in the months where naruto was in a coma she left.
5/1 c48 2Luke Schnee
Of the crossover stories that I've seen of DxD and Naruto, this has to be one of my favorites alongside Devil Ninja. I love how you're having the Biju take part in this story, and how you have Naruto actually take on real challenges in fights instead of being overpowered. Good job on this story, and I can't wait to see what the next chapter will bring!
5/1 c15 Trife
Light blades are supposed to be hyper lethal to devils on a normal basis let alone the power behind light based weapons from a 10 winged fallen angel. By all rights, they should all be dead from being impaled especially Naruto.

Other than that it was a really good fight.

5/1 c8 Trife
There we go, some actual Naruto moves! I enjoyed the fight though and it will be interesting to see the fallout because of what was seen in this chapter.

5/1 c7 Trife
Ah, so that's what happened. You nerfed Naruto into the ground, that makes this much less interesting. I was hoping it was just him holding back for some stupid reason or just an OC that you made after Naruto. This is worse but hopefully it will get better.
5/1 c1 Trife
Naruto only took 1 with all the power he has? That's honestly a surprise
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