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2/20 c13 Johnmau
Don't like how the dude just spilt the beans to the Fallen Angle. I get that the Fallen Angle spilt a bit of himself out, but I honestly don't think it was enough to spill his own.
2/13 c1 Storm Phoenix
Information for reflection. The number of figures should not exceed therefore if Rias received some new shard, she had to change it to her other. She is the King she has no more than 15 figures. That's the rule.
2/10 c18 Naruto-DXD6996
KURAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH R.I.P HE HAS RETURNED...if only the real kurama didn't have to die for naruto's bastard of a son!
2/4 c5 Awesome Eason
I'm confused...why does naruto have to be such a...how do I call it
Just he's acting so weak... allowing himself to be pushed around...I know naruto in his teenage days was a ruffian, still a prankster at heart and it takes more than a few big boobed teenagers who want to be adults to show him how shit should be done...only someone with tsunade temperament should be able to bring all these weak reactions from naruto.. it's really not encouraging me to continue but I'll take it like that
1/22 c46 1CarLost
Just reread and caught up! Ah man what a ride! I cannot wait for Naruto to get his full power back and absolutely fuck these arrogant assholes up!
1/22 c46 Sanbi
"Hanky-panky" god I can't get over how funny you write Koneko. Your strongest point is how you write the characters and the small original changes you woven into the canon. Keep up the good work.
1/22 c46 Guest
Just found out about this really cool metal called Hihi'irokane check it out.

A legendary Japanese metal that is said to shine as bright as a flame, it’s name literally means “flame colored metal”. It is said to be a form of the metal Unobtainium and is a conductor of spiritual energy, emotions or souls.

If this could this be used with chakra then you can probable give Naruto a weapon with this other then the knife he has.

1/18 c46 Guest
1/14 c46 Phazer12
Oh man this whole chapter was so much funny. Really made me laugh and I cant remember how many days it has been since.
1/10 c23 Guest
Also jiraiya never took Naruto to a brothel because he was underage and he even said he was going to devote his time to his training.
1/10 c23 Guest
Naruto was still a virgin when he reached Madara, all the thing you were thinking of aren’t canon to the naruto timeline. Please do a bit of research.
1/9 c33 Fullmetal11791
I dont really get why Naruto is such a prude and killjoy in this story regarding Azazel. He's read Jiraya'a books, he's accompanied him to brothels, he's studied womens bodies enough that he can make a legitimate clone of one, and he's had sex a few times by the time he gets to the fight with Madara/Kaguya

Im not saying he needs to act like a perv, but how he's acting is just weirdly out of character. Why get mad about Az writing a romance/erotic novel? Who cares? Seriously odd.
1/9 c46 Guest
Another great chapter you are probably the only author I follow.
1/4 c1 Saga
excellent story I was anxious waiting for the continuation follow it soon and of course I would like some more lemons
1/1 c46 Astramilitarum01
Finally had time to catch up on the story, so thx for still Posting.
All in all so far it's quite nice and has a good flow to it. Only thing that I'm a bit unsure about is the power scaling of the world, or maybe it's just me but sometimes Naruto feels just a lot weaker than i would have liked.
Probs for one of the only Fanfictions where I can stomach a Rias Pairing, i just hate her Original Character from the Anime and very few people are able to integrate her into a Fanfiction without making basically a clone of the Anime( which does just not work for me)
Keep going and happy new year
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