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12/26/2021 c46 Guest
The amount of JoJo references I’ve dealt with recently. Reread the first 4 parts and all I’m getting are JoJo references. Insane
12/26/2021 c46 Reader
Amazing chapter
12/26/2021 c46 Guest
This story would have been soo much better without that turd Issei.. I read DxD crossovers so I don't have to read about that sub human trash.
12/26/2021 c2 Kminari
The only thing that I like is that Naruto is trying to be not part of any of this, and I really hate Issei.
12/26/2021 c1 Kminari
I really don't like a Naruto so weak.
12/25/2021 c46 Guest
Still hate Neo-Jinchuriki
12/25/2021 c46 marquis.shax
nice reference to JoJo in the omake but really if you're gonna make a JoJo reference it should be in regards to Gasper. In the words of Third Fang Gasper is an "Effeminate Vampire that can stop time" or at least I think those were his words so in other words Gasper is Dio lol
12/25/2021 c46 6dragon145
What a wonderful Christmas gift! This chapter was really relaxing. Just the group winding down after everything at Kyoto.

Issei being upfront about how hot Kuroka would be in Hell Cat's gettup from the Oppai dragon show is great! The sheer confidence he has to say that is admirable.

Loved the part where Yasaka squeed at chibi Naruto. Chibi Rias and Akeno teasing her were entertaining as well. And chibi Issei getting some affetion was nice too. And the timing for the transformation ending for everyone was pure gold.

Hope you have a merry Christmas Attlon.
12/25/2021 c46 Astarot
Thanks for new chapter
12/25/2021 c46 thor94
fun de-aging.
So if i understand, with the stand-time thing at the end, naruto sacred gear kinda gained similar ability as Gasper: time freezing.
12/25/2021 c46 6wolf191000
That was Funny!

Turning into kids and all the other shenanigans was really fun.

Until the next one.
12/25/2021 c46 codywhite162
My goodness another chapter from one of my favorite stories on this website? Merry Christmas to me indeed! Thank you once more for this awesome chapter. I am very excited to see where the story goes next as well as our favorite couple Naruto and Rias of course those loveable dorks lol :) Definitely looking forward to seeing what you have in mind with Naruto's sacred gear and of course if you are going to bring Naruto's world The Elemental Nations into play considering during the Kyoto arc Issei did get power from various women there like Hinata, Ino, Sakura etc. I think it would be cool if Naruto somehow got to see his old home just to check in on everyone you know? Regardless, looking forward to more :)
12/25/2021 c46 Elchabon
Very good chapter.
Thanks for the update.
Their moments of jealousy were great.
Very funny.
And there was also a lot of talk from Rias and Akeno regarding their places and responsibilities.
I already want to see what more surprises you have for us.
Greetings and keep it up

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
12/25/2021 c46 fresh prince1
Nice chapter
12/25/2021 c46 13Agurra of the Darkness
A nice little Christmas Present that is all too welcomed and while it didn't cover some things I was hoping for it was overall a nice chapter.

Kunou's sudden appearance turns out to be a simple happy accident, but serves to help explain or give a reason for Naruto learning about his new power which was nice. Also liked she was simply there as a fun little character to hang with rather than anything more substantial.

Naruto's Sacred Gear actually evolving was unexpected but certainly not unwelcomed and this chapter shows just why it's such a terrifying ability. It doesn't just change ages but essentially reverses time completely to where only the mind remains the same, meaning all the progress, skills, techniques and abilities someone might have learned over years and years of hard work suddenly become inaccessible to them because they've been returned to where they didn't have them. This is essentially a perfect counter to Vali's Divine Dividing since it would return Vali both to a weaker state and one where his Sacred Gear is either too weak or simply something he can't access. This will likely be a major game changer in the coming battles since in theory it can render even the strongest enemy powerless.

See a little development with the Neo-Jinchuriki and it's nice Rosswisse who originally wasn't happy about the situation being more open minded to it. Hopefully Shukaku doesn't drive Yuto completely crazy with his constant talking but I'm guessing that'll be something for later.

THe stuff with Oppai Dragon and Lazy Sage was another unexpected twist but I can see where that could be interesting to explore. I'd wage this might result in Rosswiesse getting her own role but on the Lazy Sage show along with Xenovia and Koneko, in a funny way the two shows can act as ways for the respective harems to interact with each other in more personal ways. Granted Rias is still a apart of Oppai Dragon but I'm guessing we'll see things go from there. Hell it'd be funny if the Jealousy Rias feels towards Xenovia and Koneko actually becomes a plot point in the show but again we'll have to see.

Overall a nice fun chapter and another reminder why this is probably the best Naruto DXD crossover on the site. Look forward to the next one.
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