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3/20/2014 c1 Apocalyptica-sama
Hmm...this is a personality that I rarely see in Naruto...he really doesn't give a F does he? Shame you haven't gotten really far but I'm willing to see what kind of story you develop.
3/20/2014 c3 10ultima-owner
the flying feather dusters with egos are going down
3/20/2014 c3 Zikarn Krais
I think it would've been better for Naruto to stay out of it, but then again, if he isn't involved in at least SOME canon events, he'll basically become a non-character.

Just hope that you have it that Naruto continues to stay out of a war that's not his.

Unfortunately, there are also too many Naruto fics where he might stay out of it but then Rias waves her magical Buchou power and suddenly he's a member and participating and all that jazz.

Well, no. Face it, he has no reason to have any loyalty to these people. In fact, it can be argued that them bringing him back is an offense beyond belief and not something that should endear them to him. Rias getting married is something he should shrug off because it's not his problem.
3/20/2014 c3 Siriusly Grim
Hmm, Naruto seems a bit jaded, but I'm okay with that. I look forward to more.
3/20/2014 c3 6wolf191000
What a Funny and Exciting chapter. I really loved the pleading speech Issei gave Naruto to convince him to help.

This was an interesting chapter and I look forward to what happens next.
3/20/2014 c3 Ricky12440
This chapter was great. I especially liked the conversation with Naruto, Asia, and Issei in the ramen shop and Issei's plea to Naruto at the end of the chapter. They were both really well done scenes, and they did a really good job of showing that, even though he tries not to, Naruto still cares about others. I even teared up a few times in this chapter. Now, I'm super pumped for the next chapter. I can't wait.
3/20/2014 c3 5Samnamikaze23
Really liked this Chap! A 'I don't give a shit' Naruto is interesting.
3/20/2014 c3 1EVA-Saiyajin
Not too bad. Well written, somewhat original. I should really hope that Naruto continues that obstinate attitude, it's much more interesting and makes more sense-cause who would want to be thrown into a war after dying and being revived, as a slave?
3/20/2014 c3 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story
3/20/2014 c3 1ddcj1990
Sweet job with this chapter I wonder how will Naruto handle the Fallen Angels cantwait to read more also I think you should make this into a harem for Naruto with Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Ophis, Kuroka and Xenovia in it
3/20/2014 c3 aliestrikehero
The only thing I can say about this so far is that your focusing on Issie to much when Naruto is the main character, especially since the only reason that they interacted was to make Naruto a devil.

So you're going to have to make some very good history an reasoning why he didn't just accidentally curb stomp Raynere, when the only beings that should be able to challenge him are Archangels, Arch-demons, and Gods. And the only reason that angels and demons are there is because of skill atrophy, considering he probably had no need for his power after the end of the war.

I might look forward to your reasoning why none of the factions haven't tried to recruit or subjugate him yet, unless some tried and he curb stomped them and everyone decided to leave him alone.
3/20/2014 c3 1guisniperman
Naruto's a sucker for cause like thqt.
3/20/2014 c3 Rezuvious
Naruto you moron doesn't want to be part of a war that doesn't exist.
3/20/2014 c3 holtjustin04
I wonder if naruto will have the same abilities or diffrent or maybe both but his skilles will be rusty
3/20/2014 c3 fanficreader71
Great chapter, i enjoyed reading your latest update.
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