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4/8 c62 facepocker01
I loved the chapter, especially how all the bijus meet in humanoid form, as well as their interaction with the ORC, a good point that I also liked was that Rias became associated with Kurama and had a boost of power. I have to say that Minato's part surprised me, I thought that when he touched the seal that held Kurama, maybe something related to the shinigami would take place in the Sacread Agear within Naruto, but let's wait and see how it develops.
4/8 c8 Guest
Quite honestly disappointing your version of Naruto needing senjutsu for Riser
4/7 c62 4hallowmask123
This actually a really good way to use his sacred gear to be able to learn from his father and mother
4/7 c62 7Spedyalarm
4/7 c62 darkangelflame
oh shit didnt see that coming
4/7 c62 Aqua-Sensei
Okay, I was not expecting the Bijuu getting human forms, but I'm actually a pretty big fan of the idea! It's also nice to see Rias getting a power boost so she won't just be on the sidelines. And that ending? Fantastic and unexpected! Really looking forward to the next chapter, keep up the great work!
4/7 c62 DarkReaderSeiin
Dios mío no me la esperaba. Yendo por partes, me siento muy mal por issei, ojalá pronto se controle. Y pensé que el sacerdote gear ya no funcionaria que bien que buscaste algo para ello. Y lo de minato lo llegué a pensar pero no esperaba que pasara en dado caso es igual con kushina. Pero es curioso que no recuerde nada, supongo que agarraste al de esa línea del tiempo y no al minato actual. Da mucha curiosidad como pasará todo con esa relación.
4/7 c62 6PeezyNguyen23
Can we ad Akeno in the pairing ?
4/7 c62 4MickDunD
Ok I did not see that one coming. Great chapter!
4/7 c62 BusGrunts
Oh my god, that little twist at the end caught me off guard. Does that mean that Naruto could potentially use Golden Hour Revival to learn more ninja techniques from his parents? Will the chakra echoes have any memory at all, or would they repeat each time Naruto reverts back into a child?
4/7 c62 VicenteVanCoco04
Muy buen capítulo, me gustó mucho, lo de los cuerpos de los bijus es algo que siempre me hubiera gustado ver en algún fic de este tipo, y la reunión con Minato debido al balance breaker es simplemente sublime y permite hacer más cosas a futuro.
4/7 c62 3frik1000
Strange, didn't get an alert from about the new chapter. Only saw that this got updated since it was at the top of the DxD/Naruto category.

I'm half curious if your choice to initially present Kurama in the female body was just a light jab at all those stories that make him female or give him a female body for seemingly no reason. I'm excited to see some of the humanoid Bijuu sticking around and adding to the chaos and fun of the story as well.

And, man, what a cliffhanger. I suppose it makes sense that his dad's safety precaution would re-arm itself when he goes back to being a kid. Definitely looking forward to seeing their interactions.
4/7 c62 codywhite162
Well now that is a twist. So Naruto using his sacred gear to deage himself also brought back Minato's chakra that was sealed in him to act as a failsafe. I am most looking forward to Naruto explaining to his dad how he and Kurama are partnered now and how he is in a completely new world and a devil to boot. But hey if the sacred gear brought Minato back perhaps it also brought Kushina back as well so maybe he can find a way to summon his parents outside of the seal to fight for a little while and that could be his sacred gear's new function since he can now freely use Kurama Chakra mode without it. Either way I am very excited to see what happens next. Side note, I am also wondering what those glances mean that Kuroka is sending Naruto could it be she is romantically interested in him or is it something else?
4/7 c62 CrimsonOmega
The King of cliffhangers strikes again
4/7 c62 Golden Wind God
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