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11/9/2021 c39 Guest
Also Rias is technically his boss remember.
11/9/2021 c39 Guest
Dude Sirzechs is 500 yrs. old he has more experience than Naruto does and it was against a devil lord and his peerage while training so of course he would lose. Another thing Naruto has followed orders in the canon anime from kakashi and tsunade plus this is still a new world for him so following orders from people who know this place better would be better for him.
11/9/2021 c30 Damedream
another thing I notice...Naruto litteray just does what anyone tells him to do. it's like he doesnt know how to make up his own mind
11/9/2021 c30 Damedream
You can't give him just one win by himself... just one lol
11/9/2021 c24 Damedream
24 chapters in. I like the story but it's the same thing every fight. Naruto getting stomp.
11/9/2021 c24 Damedream
and he loses again...
11/9/2021 c22 Damedream
I don't mind him being nerf but has he won one fight without nerf him into the dirt.
11/7/2021 c44 sardorsuraev
Жду проду надеюсь поймёшь
10/31/2021 c18 Naruto-DXD6996
10/21/2021 c44 NaruCrazy
So its fine with everyone that Hero faction is going for the kill but protagonists have to hold back on killing because they follow DC-verse's Batmansno kill policy", that in someway everyone can be redeemed? How threatening a child is just a game and entirely redeemable.

I really like this fic but reading how its ok for villains to kill but main cast can only defeat and leave them to fight another day just because would only irritate me the more I go on. So this is the end of the road for me.

Happy writing to you.
10/21/2021 c44 Phazer12
There's a thing called two people at near equal power fighting and not coming to a conclusion. Here all we see is Naruto who should be fighting at least on equal terms; but every thing he fight is like he is just barely struggling to survive. And the time limit of others' balance breaker is what infinity? I mean they are of nearly same stage and yes they have heroic spirits but naruto has a good amount of time but none of the other villains have it?
10/20/2021 c1 nater0730
10/18/2021 c44 Guest
finally the continuation of this great story uff is getting very interesting hopefully we can see that he recovers more of his power Naruto excellent and courage
10/18/2021 c44 Shadow
Loved it!
10/17/2021 c1 Guest
*thumbs up*
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