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11/27/2021 c45 ShadowBloodedge9396
So Kunou decided to come with them in this iteration? Can’t say I’m surprised. Question it for Issei, or Naruto? ...who am I kidding, probably both, lol.
Well this was a great end to the arc. Naruto showing off a new trump card, and Wukong doing...something to help him control it? Disarming Cao Cao as a result so bonus!
Poor Rias...probably preparing herself for the inevitability of sharing her man with Xenovia and Koneko(at the LEAST since Kuroka claimed to have a better interest now past her initial dislike of him) but hearing it happen with Xenovia and seeing it with Koneko still floors her.
Definitely liked how things turned out for the Biju and their new Neo Jinchuriki.
And finally for the omake...I must not let myself build up hope that Hinata somehow ends up crossing worlds...
11/27/2021 c9 11thunderofdeath97
aren't venelana's eyes purple though?
11/27/2021 c13 Stormhound12
I can't tell if azazel actually stole pieces of Naruto's body or not. I don't really get him, but that's probably because I have never watched Highschool dxd. I'm just reading this fanfic cuz it's entertaining. Kudos.
11/27/2021 c6 thunderofdeath97
issei didn't love raynare, he lusted for her, big difference there.
11/27/2021 c45 Guest
Okay great chapter to end off the story. We got 3 new neo-jinchuriki some which I kinda expected them being Saiken for Asia and Kokuo for Xenovia I was half expecting Akeno getting Shukaku do to both being sadists but Kiba makes sense with the relationship to metal. The biggest change from the series though is Cao Cao losing one of his hands which is probally a good thing sense he could no longer need to get a replacement eye that can turn people to stone. Along with Kunou coming along for the ride now Xenovia and Koneko have defiantly confessed their feelings for Naruto now then all that is left is whether or not Rossweisse is going to join the harem and whether we'are going into the Naruto verse and have Hinata join in.

11/27/2021 c12 Stormhound12
Don't abandon what tou do on ffn. I like all your stories, and sometimes they're rough in the beginning, but none of them are truly bad. Your stories are more like if someone started to tell a story orally with a numb tongue; it's hard to understand past the slurred words but after a little bit their tongue is warmed up and it's completely fine. Besides the contents good no matter how it's conveyed. (That was the weirdest analogy/example I think I've ever used). Anyways, kudos and don't let downers get you down.
11/27/2021 c45 Golden Wind God
nooooooooooooooo no hinata in the harem(if she is in it)
Loved the chapter , loved the new power up and abilities if naruto
one question, is naruto gonna have his six paths sage mode, i mean thats when he is at his strongest , right?
11/27/2021 c45 WindyCitySlayer1
Awesome chapter
Can’t wait for more
Please continue
11/27/2021 c45 Spellbat
So we are looking into the Naruto universe now. Will they play a more active role from now on? Will they come over to the DxD universe or will they just comment on the weird things that happen?
11/27/2021 c45 17Ignisha
Ohohoh, this is gonna be fun
11/27/2021 c45 LowXxy
Hello friend first of all the chapter is very good and second is a question and I want you to answer them please and it is about whether Akeno will be in Naruto's harem, please answer me that.
11/27/2021 c45 8Hell is fun21
nice, also plz add Yasaka to the harem, perhaps having him around to spoil has her wanting more then just being an older sister-esque figure to him.
11/27/2021 c45 Maelstrom Resurrected
What amazing breast powers! It even affected the girls from Naruto's world even across dimension! I really can't wait to see if/when Hinata ends up seeing Naruto again!
And the ships in this chapter just increased to the next level with Koneko's kiss alongside Xenovia!
Can't wait for next chapter! Possibly on the 25th if things go well!
11/27/2021 c45 3JuanKui
Yeeeeeeaaaa. That was one hell of a chapter thank you! So Kiba, Asia and Xenovia are the Neo Jinchurikis for Shikaku,Saiken, and Kokuo. Can't wait to see how those abilities will manifest for em. Looking forward to the next chapter and to find out what the next arc is from here because I have no clue whats next.
11/27/2021 c4 Stormhound12
I'm really curious about Naruto's abilities and background. Did he come from the narutoverse? Etc. Kudos I'm enjoying this fic so far.
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