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4/6 c62 17Ignisha
Oh right, with using Golden Hour Revival, everything is aged back, including the Seal that Minato and Kushina imprinted a part of their Chakra into. Meaning that every time Naruto ages back to younger than 16 years old, Minato and Kushina's Chakra imprints will return to the Seal. Talk about coming back from the dead many times over!

Now THIS is gonna be interesting!
4/6 c62 Wolf1741
What is even anymore
4/6 c62 1Dewpoint
Bijuu all freed and have bodies
Kuroka mentioned catching peeps at Naruto and Naruto needs to repay her ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
Rias pairs with Kurama
Naruto needs a new 'host' for remote looper
Age regression makes way for Minato's imprint to reappear during this conundrum

Now we're COOKING.
4/6 c3 1kirosyamcha
i honestly dont know what version of naruto this is. he doesnt show any powers from the elemental nations and died like a bitch to a 5th rate villain like Raynare...
4/6 c62 Lichi Sechino
What an incredible chapter, giving bodies to the Bijuu, that is amazing and the ending part surprised me, I am very eager to see the next chapter, keep up the good work.
4/6 c62 Isseisuckshit
Can we move past the Issei shit? I don’t wanna waste time reading one of anime’s worst male shitheads.
4/6 c62 4KuroArashi94
...Holy crap it truly reverses everything about Naruto including the seal failsafes which means a possible indefinite way to bring Minato and Kushina into the story somehow? Could be useful.
4/6 c62 Gilded Kitsune Deity
Wow, Kurama's looking good~ Hehe curious if naruto and kurama will end up like Yasaka and the White Dragon Naruto.

All in all this was a great chapter, an unexpected update but a great one all the same. Looking forward to seeing how Naruto will push his Sacred Gear to new heights.
4/6 c62 9Emrys Akayuki

If he could really focus the golden hour he could also get back his six paths ten tails sage form, that thing was waaaaay more broken than karuma mode
4/6 c32 Gilgamesh50
The interuption kinda was unneceseray and forced in my opinion
4/6 c62 Maelstrom Resurrected
Wow! What a cliffhanger! Wasn't expecting that to happen to happen in the story! Are Minato and Kushina going to inhabit the Remote Looper now?! Man, I can not wait for the next chapter! Here to hoping the parents meeting the harem soon!MHA (Might U)
You're not alone
There's no doubt
Your gift
Isn't futile to be
If we'll be united
We're stronger together
We always have the high hope
Not all for one but one for all
Don't worry 'bout a thing
We'll reach out to you
Even if it's a harder way
It's plain to see the reason why
Oh, that's all because of the mighty heart
Remember it's just natural that we'll be there if you need help
Far across the distance, rest assured that our faith just won't die
You know we have to sacrifice ourselves
Whatever they may say
It's plain to see the reason why
Oh, that's all because of the mighty heart
Remember it's just natural that
We'll be there if you need help
Far across the distance
Rest assured that our faith just won't die
4/6 c62 6wolf191000
Wow! Not gonna lie that was unexpected.

I always thought the Bijuu would stay as animals whether big or small but humans was unexpected.
I like it for convenances but please don't make Kurama a love interest for Naruto I've always liked them as friends/partners and I'm not gonna lie if you do that I'm quitting this story! Sorry to be blunt but It just turns me off. I really like this story and I'd hate to give it up after all the years I've been following it.

Now onto the cliff-hanger.
Minato's appearance like WHAT!
I did not see that coming you sure thought up something amazing. Naruto's time-manipulating Gear can do that WOW!
Think of the possibilities and you know seeing Kushina is up next and possibly reviving the Hero's parents in the future.

I look forward to the next chapter!
4/6 c62 Andrew123456
What what what
4/6 c62 Hendrie9870
Hope the other Minato will meet the original Minato
4/6 c62 2hflp
Ohh... What a cliff hanger to leave it on. This was a meeting I am very inerested. Love this story, and I cannot wait for the next chalter.
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