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11/27/2021 c45 Guest
Is that just an Omake, cause Issei MAY HAVE JUST DISCOVERED a way to pinpoint Naruto’s home world across the Dimensional Gap!? Cause THAT would be cool! Azazel might find that interesting!
Will we see a DxD version of Kushina eventually!? Will they get to shrink down the Biju!?
Who will get the other three Biju!?
11/27/2021 c45 codywhite162
Another amazing chapter! I love this story so much! I am very excited for the next chapter! Also that omake at the end I wonder what is happening with the girls in Naruto's world they were glowing all of a sudden. I am curious what you will end up doing with that but I cannot wait to find out!
11/27/2021 c45 13Agurra of the Darkness
Hmm, so now Naruto has another ace to bust out beyond his Sacred Gear. Neat. Issei also has some kind of weird sort of Breast Spirit Bomb power up thing...sure why the hell not at this point, I completely believe Issei would pull something like that.

Glad Naruto managed to reclaim three more of his friends and now even more of the Occult Research Club are Neo Jinchuriki's. Xenovia gets the speed and power boost from the Five Tails, Asia now has some offensive abilities thanks to Saiken's acid slime and now Kiba has both Sand manipulation and magnetism to his arsenal. All round nice boost.

For the other demons I'm gonna predict Gyuki will go to Akeno since they both use Lightning, Chomei will probably go to either Gasper or possibly Irina. And possibly Son Goku will decided to join with Rias since she needs some form of power up, Magma would go well with her destruction powers and he's the Beast after Kurama Naruto has among the closest relationships with.

Beyond that Xenovia and Koneko are done bullshiting around, they have made their feelings for Naruto known and are gonna act on them. Can't wait to see how this plays out and when Rosswiesse decides to jump in as well.

Overall, nice end to the Kyoto Arc and can't wait to see how things play out from here.
11/27/2021 c45 6wolf191000
That. Was. Funny! and a Cool chapter!

I love Naruto's new "Elemental" Sage Powers and I'm glad he freed 3 more Bijuu's.

I'm looking forward to what you have planned next.
11/27/2021 c45 HackGUFan
Loved the chapter but please for the love of god don't bring the Elemental Nations into the mix! PLEASE!
11/27/2021 c45 Reader
Awesome chapter
Kiba with Shukaku works as can combine magnetism with his swords
11/27/2021 c45 2hflp
Another great chapter. I actually got almost all the match ups between Naruto's clones and the Hero Faction right. I only got the CaoCao vs WInd and Minato vs lightning wrong. I knew those could go either way. I also did not predict who the Bijuu would pick as Neo Jinchuuriki. It was also hilarious Naruto did not want Shukaku to have one. Valid reasons of course, but still funny as hell. Also, thought it was cool to have an omake on how things are going back home for Naruto's friends. Really looking forward to the next arc. Keep up the great work.
11/27/2021 c45 4Monster King
Awesome work
11/27/2021 c44 Soul Reaper With a Core Drill
I have to ask for the sake of curiosity will naruto ever return to the elemental nations even if only for a chapter or 2?
11/27/2021 c45 8Quathis
Fun conclusion. I enjoyed the new abilities both Naruto and Issei showed it showed. I'm sure Naruto appreciates that Issei went with the non groping route of power up. And Kunou showing up at the end we're likely cause some issues going forward. But those neo-Jinchuuriki certainly have a lot of potential. Xenovia getting the Steam's Strength attribute should really help her in future combat. Not sure how Asia will develop but Yuuto may have some magnetic powers from his, which should help with projectile swords. Rail gun anybody? Until next time.
11/27/2021 c45 8MickDunD
Oh this was so good of a twist you have no idea.
11/27/2021 c3 11thunderofdeath97
i mean issei's wanting to save asia is no different than how naruto acted in the elemental nations, tbh
11/27/2021 c45 Yaasir786
Ok I am gonna say it this is the shitiest fic i've ever read and that's saying something .cause I Already read other shitty stories but this one takes the hundred million this Naruto is weak beyond weak and I don't know what to say at this point .Hey author no matter how you romanticize this story, the characters,plots .This story is just shit shit shit ...
Hey guys you don't know what your getting into but your in for 'one hell of ride ' to candy and fluffy take care not to be swallowed by
11/27/2021 c45 agastya
Yeayyy fnally my favorit, update , and wow amazing breast power
11/17/2021 c44 BlackRaider90
Hello, I want to congratulate you on your excellent work, I have read it in three days, it is magnificent, I look forward to the next chapter to continue enjoying your work, greetings and success ...
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