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7/22 c35 blacklightning18
iseei and vail rivalry remind naruto of himself and sasuke as kids, azael and vail relationship remind me of jiraiya and naruto relationship, sakura will be in shock and horror when she found out that vail is ramen obsessed like naruto, naruto can destory fenrir with one of his truth-seek-orbs, looks like naruto six path sage mode has return to him when feeling strong emotions
7/22 c34 blacklightning18
Akeno fake smile and ignoring people questions remind naruto of himelf as kid
7/22 c33 blacklightning18
the shadow user remind naruto of shikamaru, naruto use body flicker techniques to get out under weight of xenovia and koneko, naruto deosn't know that he was ignore xenovia and knoeko for rias like villagers were ignore him as child for sasuke
7/22 c32 blacklightning18
looks like naruto has gain ramen followers in form of children, Ddraig should tell kurama that he's lucky to have naruto as his partner, naruto should say screaw that stupid show, naruto should tell Azazel that he can make show series based on jiraiya the tales of Gutsy Ninja book for kids to watch, naruto and koneko play video games together like older brother and little sister
7/21 c1 Korst
So many line breaks. So, so many line breaks. I gave up reading this after the third line break.
7/17 c1 Bluenait
Well this is pure shit a nice steaming pail of shit no more and no less
7/17 c31 blacklightning18
okay it official shalba are totally insane, i think naruto should pulling nine-tailed beasts into the seal where they can be safe inside, i think naruto can kill great red wth truth-seeking-orbs, i'm pretty sure ophis can fix naruto headband with her power of nothingness, i think Koneko are perfect choice for Matatabi to be jinchuriki
7/17 c30 blacklightning18
dude i love how iseei beat the living shit out of Diodora with his life, iseei did the same thing to Diodora like naruto did to iseei for rat him out to Rias, ohh man naruto went full older brother mode on diodora ass, okay i'm fully convinced that naruto and nine tailed beasts enter to the future because of chakra explosion from madara, i'm pretty sure naruto will use talk no jutsu to bring Isobu back into his sense
7/16 c49 1CarLost
A CLIFFY!? The painnnnnnn! I need to see Naruru politely bash Sairorg’s face in pleeeeaaaaase!
7/15 c48 AJGuardian
7/15 c47 AJGuardian
LOL Naruto running...
7/15 c45 AJGuardian
Aw. That's cute.
7/14 c29 blacklightning18
i think naruto is isn't used to have girlfriend because none of girls in his homeworld has ever ask him to go on a date with them, does Xenovia truly see naruto as older brother she never had, i think Azazel is better teacher at explain what a real love is to dense naruto than jiraiya was, lack of love/attention while growing up coupled with underdeveloped social skills is how i describe naruto life
7/14 c23 AJGuardian
He knew that guy.
He's not gonna tell them he knew other versions of these chatacters in a personal way...
7/13 c28 blacklightning18
naruro exended out his knife like sasuke chidori sharp spear and put flying thunder god mark on it, tobio ikuse and his dog Jin as partners remind naruto of kiba and akamaru as partners,i think koenko want naruto to take her to the bed and sleep with him like little sister would do with her older brother, i think naruto is attract to Rasengan too much and forget that other techniques to learn over years because of jiraiya being idiot, i think hinata love for naruto are just childish crush when he save her from bullies
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