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7/10 c21 blacklightning18
gasper hid in box remind me of puppet from fnaf, Azazel remind naruto of kakashi with introduction is gasper and koneko playing street fighter game,naruto should thank koneko for fixing his chakra network
7/10 c20 blacklightning18
looks like kurama start acting like strict father to naruto, is serafall in love with sora, looks like Ddraig and Kurama will be best friends, looks like kurama found himself a annoying best friend in Ddraig, does naruto have yin kurama instead of yang kurama
7/10 c49 KingRamses
Oh shit
7/10 c19 blacklightning18
rias and naruto and gasper give me family vibe, looks like Orphis found naruto damage headband and wore it for warm, naruto should sing go we're fighting dreamers to not embarrassed himself in front everyone inside of karaoke bar
7/10 c18 blacklightning18
looks like kurama found lazy buddy in Ddraig, Ddraig and albion fighting each other remind me of ashura and indra keep fighting even after their bodies were destroyed, i'm blacklightning18 if i was in naruto place i will say great an another destiny obsessed freak like neji i'm pretty sure iseei will be jealousy of naruto having four girls sit around him and eating lunch with him and touch Rias breasts, looks like koneko want naruto to pat her on head like older brother give his litttle sister headpat, did koneko just use senjutu to fix naruto chakra network?, naruto is like old man who didn't know use phone, naruto is probably think Rias father and older brother will try to kill him for nearly have sex with Rias, looks like naruto found his ramen-lover buddy in vail
7/10 c17 blacklightning18
naruto and koneko give me older brother teaching his little sister how to swim in water vibes, koneko is like sad kitten miss her owner when she say miss naruto and want to give him hug
7/10 c16 blacklightning18
don't tell me that naruto has bad experience with girls since was a child
7/10 c15 blacklightning18
blacklightning18 want picture of naruto rasenshuriken with akeno lightning and rias power of destruction being mix into it that goes by name's grand strike of rasenshuriken, I'm pretty sure anko and akeno will get alone because they are sadist girls
7/10 c14 blacklightning18
I think the reason why naruto couldn't talk to kurama because he was tired and want sleep to get his energy back, naruto should use truth-seeking orb to turn excalibur sword into dust and valper galilei remind naruto of orochimaru when do experiments on people
7/10 c13 blacklightning18
why doesn't naruto use fuinjutsu to try create time/space portal, I'm pretty sure when he meets kokabiel naruto will say great a another war obsessed idiot, so naruto passed his truth-seeking orbs on his shadow clone to trick madara think the clone was real him while hid in smoke to get jump on him, so let me get this straight naruto shape truth-seeking orbs into any weapon with his imagination, I want naruto teach yuuto kiba about revenge
7/9 c12 blacklightning18
Hey Master Atton my dude don't listen to this haters words they didn't know anything about you so don't let their idiocy words get to your head and writing stories you enjoy to do with your time, don't let anyone tell you what to do with your stories you're the writer not them, by the way this words come from your follower goes by name blacklightning18 take care of yourself my man
7/9 c15 Den
Super weak naruto
7/9 c1 3ProfesorGoblitz
Aaaaaaand Dropped by the sheer fact that actually hit naruto if this is after the war, no matter how rusty, raynare was more likely around he in speed AT MOST a chunin, which is unlikely
7/9 c11 blacklightning18
i want naruto to help koneko with her fear of senjutsu and become big brother figure to her, i want naruto to teach iseei on how talk to Ddraig in his mind without look like insane, i want naruto teach koneko how use senjutsu like old toad sage teach him with senjutsu stick
7/9 c10 blacklightning18
naruto should tell iseei that his world deosn't have tv or video games because they are busy fighting in war, is kurama going be naruto familiar, when asia poked her fingers together in shyness remind naruto of shy hinata, devil jobs remind naruto of D-rank missions
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