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7/8 c2 blacklightning18
is the number one deliquent of kuoh academy new title add to naruto list of titles, koneko poking naruto on head, iseei and kiba give me naruto and sasuke vibes, naruto should adpot asia argento as his little sister, this is 11 time naruto almost die right correct me i'm wrong, also Master Attlon can you have Rias and her peerage reading New Devil of the Gremory story in form of show on tv, dude don't tell me naruto is 18 year older than Iseei by one year
7/8 c1 blacklightning18
Iseei hyoudou is idiot for not suspecting of anything, HAHAH looks like Rias walk into naruto hard chest and fell back on her butt, did sirzechs just pull off kakashi Mah Mah saying, I think Iseei will be jealouly of naruto for seeing Rias breasts, dd you forget kurama can heal naruto injury
7/5 c10 Guest
after 10 chaps im done with this like really i know this is a fanfic where the author is god and all but you really did naruto dirty like if you gonna make a crossover be sure to not the characters from the 2 universe. Post-war naruto one of the best ninja in his universe only matched by sasuke gEtTinG beAt bY tEEnaGers wHo FOUghT cleAnly wIThout liFE aNd dEatH sItuAtions like naruto did his whole life.

I even had to cringe my way just to read i thought this was good shit since it had many likes but guess i was wrong.
7/4 c49 Guest
I also apologize if I was coming across as condescending and/or an ass I didn’t mean to. I just like debating other fans of franchises I like.
7/4 c49 Guest
Ok first off, I’m not down playing Naruto (I hate it when that happens and when he is made to look more powerful than he is). Second I’m looking at things with info we have like Naruto at six paths sage mode and ophis with what little info we have on her (so I admit she doesn’t have a lot of time to show her strength). Third what makes you think kurama can’t feel fear when he can feel other emotions like pride? So yeah I do not think Naruto can beat ophis but I say we let the author settle this in the story agreed?
7/4 c47 TheSennin156
You're misunderstanding the word God tiers as a whole. Ophis is a god tier in the dxd verse the same way Naruto is in his own verse. It's a term meaning that they belong to the strongest beings in their verse and nothing else, as it isn't an indication to whether or not a god tier from the other verse is beyond one. Anyways no Ophis shouldn't scare the shit out of Kurama, as he know the juubi is superior to it six paths madara and naruto and sasuke are even stronger than the Juubi. It's simply put i respect the author's decision to make it more believable as a stomping fic would just be boring, but to hype this verse out of it’s proportion is annoying especially if naruto is and will be having six paths back. Then it's theoretically all over for everyone, as naruto has such a great understanding of the universe he is able to sense being outside of them ( Limbo clones). This isn’t an exaggeration, as these are simply facts provided by multiple sources that Naruto is above planet level or at the very least if you want to downplay.
7/4 c49 Guest
I see your point however you forgot one crucial detail. Not only is ophis the dragon of infinity but also chaos and nothingness and she existed before the dimensional gap so she is beyond god tier even in a weakened state which is why kurama was scared of her, he recognized her power was beyond ten tails and it scared him. All I’m saying is if ophis took them seriously she would stomp them with her true form.
7/4 c48 TheSennin156
The Juubi or ten-tails wasn’t the embodiment of the planet, he was just all the nine bijuu combined and well being stated to be the world's harbinger of destruction. Like it's presence/chakra was shown in the shinobi headquarters to be similar to an small planet. The ten-tails is without a shadow of a doubt is way stronger than kurama and could've definitely destroyed the world with ease, as was shown by it just spitting a casual bijuu bomb which destroyed like a dozen mountains before detonating and when it did detonate the explosion was so strong that the sheer wind pressure a few km's of the blast wiped out mountain ranges. The naruto God tiers are valid and definitely counted as divine beings in their own right, as six paths naruto is even stronger than that ten-tails. Like the god tiers especially war-arc naruto is stronger than Ophis, great red, and trihexa. Doesn't mean it wouldn’t be a fight, but naruto would come out on top at the end
7/4 c49 Guest
Also I’m a Naruto fan I’ve watched it since I was a kid
7/4 c49 Guest
I see your argument sennin and I admittedly did some research so yeah ophis’ power was cut in half but she is still feared by everyone and if kurama could destroy the world then why did he admit he couldn’t beat ten tails by him self even though it is the physical embodiment of the world? Also god tier can mean many things yes Naruto is god tier in his world but that doesn’t mean he’s god tier in dxd world which has gods like Odin and Zeus, I know unfair but still. One more thing here are the three strongest being in dxd in order of strongest, trihexia(666), great red, ophis.
7/4 c49 TheSennin156
For the guest responding to me I'm going to call on your no limit fallacy right there. If someone has infinite power like you say Ophis has than it wouldn’t have been halved or it wouldn’t have become weaker. Infinite means Infinite as there is no half of Infinite as it would still be Infinite. Naruto and the rest of the god tiers in shipudden are stronger than anything in this verse. Kurama himself is stated at being able to turn the world to ash with half his strenght and he isn’t even considered a god tier in shipudden. On another point of yours being kurama only being able to destroy a mountain range is very outdated, that is what we call attack potency. Kurama isn't about to blow an entire country or continet away just because he can or even the planet, and the writer can't really show him destroy a planet as the story plays off on one planet. Honestly it's ludicrous how people still think this little of the Naruto-verse.
7/3 c49 codywhite162
I am so glad to have seen this get an update. I really missed it :) The rating game battles have all been fun seeing the various members of the ORC using their bijuu abilities. Also Shukaku being a little shit as usual lol poor Kiba. I really enjoyed what you did with Sairaorg giving him a way to even the playing field a bit against Naruto's Sage Mode by having him use something similar to dodge and predict attacks and movements. Hmm it would seem Indra is planning something nefarious with Sasuke as he has a Sharrigan eye in his pocket dimension waiting to be unleashed. That cannot be good. All in all an excellent chapter and I cannot wait to read the next one Naruto and Rias vs Sairaorg and his lion powerup I am assuming.
7/3 c49 4attismorte00
7/3 c49 Guest
Not trying to be rude sennin but do your research Kurama is strong enough to level a mountain range at least and ophis is the dragon of INFINITY in other words she could kill Naruto and kurama in a second if she wanted to; also even draig was scared of her and that should tell you about her power given how strong he was at his prime. Again please do your research.
7/3 c49 9Emrys Akayuki
Kiba has blade blacksmith too? Huh, did not know that.
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