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7/3 c31 TheSennin156
I'm just going to say this as to make it as clear as possible, ophis isn't the strongest thing that Naruto faced in your story. Sasuke with his rinnegan and madara with the rinnesharingan are stronger, I get you wanting to write a story where naruto struggles. It's just a bit unbelievable if you actually think ophis would absolutely terrify a being like Kurama and Naruto where one half of kurama can turn the world to ash. It's just really unbelievable tbh.
7/3 c49 ghostFLIN
Excellent chaoter bro continue soon with the next
7/3 c37 Guest
And I forgot to mention Naruto at full power can’t beat the mao because when sirzechs uses his full power he becomes the physical embodiment of destruction, I don’t know about the others but they got to be that strong too so in other word Naruto would get decked by the satan lords.
7/3 c37 Guest
Sennin in case you didn’t know kokabiel is well over 5,000 yrs. Old think about the experience he has gained, sage mode is strong just not strong enough to beat him and vale’s sacred gear allows him to absorb attacks while there is a limit I doubt vali would let that happen. I’ll admit raikage is fast but daihauser belial is faster and that’s him not being serious.
7/3 c49 NaruCrazy
Really? That crab is Madara? Hahaha

Also, why is Yasaka interested in Issei? Another hentai inspiration or is it because he has this world's Naruto in his sacred gear or just because it is canon?
7/3 c15 TheSennin156
Why is Naruto so weak? I think I get it now at least am trying to, as sage mode naruto after the pain arc would've made kebab of Kokabeil or vali at the moment. It's just this is war arc naruto who without chakra can move at 100% speed of Light, as his older self did so with his chakra being completely seated. I think the more his chakra system starts to mend Itself together the more of his power is returning back to normal state where even sage mode naruto at the end of the war can easily challenge the Maou's and beat them. Like It's ridiculous how kishimoto went from country to continental busting and light speed to ftl and planet busting, war arc naruto is ridiculous. A clone of his bested the 2nd raikage and other high class shinobi in sage mode and kcm, the same Raikage who was to fight for days and bested a bijuu at ridiculous speeds. That cloak of the raikage is literally light speed confirmed by the data books. Anyway I'm rambling sorry for that, but I was just very confused why this naruto is so weak and I understand now why you made him this weak even in sage mode. Just want to notify you that shinobi without being able to use their chakra properly are still superhumans without even trying and that base naruto after the war arc is ridiculous like absolutely insane in terms of capabilities.
7/3 c46 NaruCrazy
Asia and Irina inviting kid Issei for a bath is straight out of hentai. Although hentai never end in disappointment.
7/2 c49 SPark681
Hmm, the final battle is about to begin between cousins I wonder who will pull off the victory anyway keep up the great work!
7/2 c49 Novazzz
Can’t wait for next chapter
7/2 c49 Maelstrom Resurrected
So the final fight is in the next chapter! Can't wait to see how this will turn out. Also, why was Sasuke's eyes removed and replaced and when will the reunion happen.
7/2 c49 2hflp
Love this chapter. This version of the fight between Sairorg's peerage and Rias' peerage is awesome. Love the bit with Shukaku too. . That guy is such an ass. Love it. Keep up the amazing work.
7/2 c49 3JuanKui
Its good to see this again. Shikaku is a grade A troll and I love him. I'm looking forward to Rias and Naruto taking on Sairaorg.
7/2 c49 TehStorm
I hope Naruto will be able to advance his powers and use the KCM2 on this fight...
7/2 c49 8MickDunD
Ok this was such a good chapter but please please please have Naruto fight soon.
7/2 c49 Alchazar
Hell Yeah! I will be waiting for the big fight! Cya later.
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